About Home Care Services

Personalized health care in the comfort of your home 

Where do you turn when a loved one needs health care services at home? McLaren Homecare can help. We serve Mid and Southeast Michigan — providing a wide range of personalized health care services in the comfort of your home.

McLaren is a trusted name in home health care. And we’re part of McLaren Health Care, which means our patients have access to the most advanced health care resources available. Working with your doctor, we will develop a personalized home health care plan. Depending on your needs, your homecare team may include:
  • Registered nurses
  • Certified home health aides
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Social workers
Homecare can be for anyone – of any age. More and more Americans are choosing to live independently and remain at home with the help of homecare services. Homecare is often an ideal solution for people who are:
  • Recovering from illness, surgery or injury
  • Transitioning from the hospital to home
  • In need of frequent care beyond what family and friends can provide
  • Not ready to move to a skilled nursing center

Learn about additional reasons to choose home care

For patients who need specialized care, we offer specialty programs for stroke care, chronic disease management, hip and knee surgery rehabilitation and mobility/balance therapy. To learn more about our specialty programs, click here.

Additional reasons many people choose homecare include:
  • Help recovering from an illness, accident or surgery
  • Treatment or monitoring of wounds
  • Administration or monitoring of medications
  • Education relating to a medical condition
  • Continued support following recent discharge from a hospital or nursing home
  • Assistance managing multiple or complex medical conditions such as diabetes, Heart Failure or COPD
  • Special equipment and supplies to treat a medical condition
  • Infusion therapies such as TEN, TPN or ANTI
For more information on home health services, please call McLaren Homecare at (866) 323-5974.
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Home Health Guidelines (Click To Expand)

Home health care can be covered through a variety of sources if the care is medically necessary and the patient meets certain coverage requirements. In general, to be eligible the patient must:

  • Be considered home-bound
  • Be under the care of a physician who manages and authorizes the need for home health services
  • Require some type of skilled nursing services, or need therapy from a physical, occupational or speech therapist

To view and/or print our home health patient admission booklet, click here.

Paying for Services (Click To Expand)

Generally, there are several ways to pay for homecare services:

  • Eligible patients over the age of 65 are entitled to full homecare benefits under Medicare
  • Medicaid insurance helps those with limited income who can't afford medical care, and will pay for some or all of their medical bills
  • Many other insurance plans also offer home health care plans

McLaren Homecare can help you verify your benefits, coordinate coverage and complete the billing process.