Proton Therapy

The new McLaren Proton Therapy Center takes proton therapy into its next generation with several major advances.

Pencil-beam scanning delivers a focused beam of protons (as small as a few millimeters in diameter) to a tumor.

An isocentric gantry with 180 degree rotation and robotic patient positioning allow for a flexible beam delivery while maintaining the comfort of the patient.

Cone beam CT capability creates a precise, immediate 3D image of the treatment area to ensure accurate treatment delivery.

Proton energies up to 330 MeV, at 100 MeV more than most current equipment, allows for more accurate dose imaging and dose calculation.

Radiance 330 synchrotron which generated the proton energy produces less secondary radiation, improves safety and requires less shielding. A “flexible cycle” program ifor the unit makes it easier to treat tumors in less stable areas, like the lungs with faster delivery. 

The technological advances will provide more accuracy in delivery. And because of the unique characteristics of proton radiation, the full strength of the radiation is reserved for the moment the beam reaches the target (tumor) with no exit dose. This results in fewer side effects for our patients. 

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