McLaren Medical Group Multimedia Services Request Form

Multimedia services will try to accommodate the needs of every customer in a timely manner. Every job is unique and is liable to change due to the job quantity, proofing process and current workload. Please be as detailed as possible.

Patient Letter Templates

Directions: Please select the appropriate letter template below, complete the areas highlighted in yellow, save to your computer, and upload to the last box on this form. Also attach the physician(s) signature on plain paper, and the patient list if available.
Note about Patient Lists: If the letter is for an existing physician, the MMG Marketing staff will pull the patient list on your behalf. If the letter is for an onboarding physician from an independent practice, the provider or staff member will need to obtain the list. The list should only include ACTIVE patients. This list should not include: any patient under 18, deceased patients, or discharged patients.

Provider Addition Letter
Departure from MMG Letter
Retirement Letter
Relocation Letter
Hours Change Letter
Reduction of Hours Letter
Office Merger Letter
Provider Acquisition Letter

Flyer Templates

Directions: You may create a flyer for an event or notification using the template options below. Select the template you prefer, Type in your headline and content using the guidelines in the existing text boxes. Save and print in office, or complete the Contact Information and Requested Service sections below to order print copies to be shipped to you.

Female Patient Flyer
Mature Group Flyer
Handshake Flyer
Trees Flyer
Stethocope Flyer

Contact Information
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Requested Service

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Job Details

Special Notes/Attachments (photos, signatures, etc.)

Job requests will be reviewed in the order in which they are submitted. The multimedia services team may suggest modifications to your request, based on the requested delivery date, cost and other factors. We will make every attempt to meet your deadline with a high-quality deliverable. If you have any questions regarding this job request or other services we provide, please email

ATTENTION - Please print now for your records. You will not be able to access form once it is submitted.