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Behavioral Health Center

The Behavioral Health Center at McLaren Bay Region devotes 23 beds to provide individual treatment interventions for adults, 18 years and older who require 24-hour psychiatric services.

Before admission to our behavioral health program, patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation to determine an individual's psychiatric, physical and medical status to help establish the most appropriate level of care.

Our goal is to provide quality care to prevent, support and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral conditions to help the patient resume their lives as quickly as possible. The professional treatment team guides the patient and family toward alternative coping skills, evaluate medications, promote wellness, and strive to achieve the optimum level of functioning for each individual.

Recommendations for an assessment may be made by a physician, psychiatrist, social worker, nurse, mental health professional, minister, judge, law enforcement officer, family member, friend, employer, or employee. In an emergency, go to nearest emergency room.

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