About Bay Special Care

When your long term medical needs go beyond the ordinary

At McLaren Bay Special Care you'll find

  • Hope
  • Caring and Compassion
  • A staff with outstanding technical skills, all RN's are ACLS Certified
  • Resources to treat every patient holistically
  • Intensive, personalized patient focused care
  • Ventilator Weaning Program
  • Hospital level care for prolonged inpatient hospitalization in a setting conducive to healing

In short, everything needed, in one specialized hospital, to help patients recover from complex, lengthy illnesses.

McLaren Bay Special Care is an acute, long-term care hospital (LTCH) that specializes in patients who require extended hospitalization. Medicare patients are screened for an average length of stay of 25-days or longer, while still needing hospital level of care.  Commercial insurances are screened and pre-authorized for admission to the LTCH on a case by case basis. We are fully licensed by the Michigan Department of Community Health, and are accredited by the Joint Commission.

We use a patient focused-interdisciplinary team approach to care, including weekly team conferences facilitated by RN Case Managers. Family conferences are provided as needed and we provide comprehensive family discharge planning.

Small by design: 
Our 31-bed acute, long term care hospital (LTCH) specializes in providing patients and their families the opportunity to get to know their caregivers by name. The staff is cross-trained in multiple roles so that the person who does EKGs also draws blood, and answer the telephone. Patient-focused care means that the patient's needs come first! Along with patients needs we understand that families are the core of patient care delivery.  The family's understanding of the patient's condition helps prepare for a successful discharge home or to a setting that provides a lower level of care.  Preparing for a successful discharge is our goal and is primary to our success.

Our staff combines compassion with professional competence. Our nurses have the same training and advance skills that you would expect in an Intensive Care Unit or step down unit of a regular hospital. Our physical therapy department has staff members who are at the top of their fields. All staff RNs are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and they are Chemotherapy Certified.  Highly trained Respiratory Therapists lead our ventilator weaning program with all the latest protocols and equipment. Clearly, it is our employees who make McLaren Bay Special Care a place of healing.

At McLaren Bay Special Care, the atmosphere is warm and friendly, not "institutional." Our modern dΓö£ΓîÉcor features soft, gentle colors and every patient room has a view of the outdoors.  A beautiful Gazebo Garden has walkways and sitting areas designed to reflect on all of the concerns one has to deal with while facing lengthy hospitalization. The peaceful atmosphere helps the individual reflect on the patient's diagnoses and treatment options.  The televisions and telephones are included at the bedside at no additional charge. Each room has a board for communication, a clock, and a daily calendar to help keep our patients oriented. It's an environment designed to enhance healing and inner peace.

A key facet of our program at McLaren Bay Special Care is our team approach to patient care. We hold conferences with the care delivery team weekly to assess and evaluate each patient's needs and progress. Clinicians involved in every aspect of the patient's care are present to coordinate and focus efforts. Case managers are RNs who provide insight into the patient's emotional, social, and financial needs. The results of this holistic approach are often amazing.

We know how important family relationships are to the patient's recovery. Family Conferences can be held where families are invited to participate, not just listen. Valuable insight and information are exchanged and the patient plan of care is enhanced. Families are very much involved in the treatment and progress of the patient.

Specialized rehabilitation therapy is often needed to improve patients who have become debilitated due to prolonged inactivity while hospitalized. Physical, Speech, Recreational, and Occupational Therapy are provided at the bedside, or in our Therapy gym. Therapy for those with swallowing disorders is also provided.

Our on-site pharmacy provides interactive pharmacist/physician/nursing collaboration. We have computerized dispensing of medications for after hours pharmaceutical needs. Our Pharmacists work with the physicians and nurses to manage antibiotic needs, pain management issues and providing expert care to our patients.

Our hospital uses a computerized medical record system.  An in-house Health Information Services department provides complete access to the medical record. Quality and utilization review is managed concurrently.

Our Living Room houses a computer with internet access and Care Pages is available for all. We have an on-site chapel and other amenities to provide plenty of space to meet each patient and family's special needs.

At McLaren Bay Special Care you'll find aggressive, long term acute care for the patient requiring prolonged hospitalization. We are fully licensed by the Michigan Department of Community Health and Accredited by the Joint Commission.

Medicare guidelines require that patients meet strict admission and continued stay criteria related to severity of illness and intensity of service required. Our patients are screened carefully before admission, and pre-certification is required for insurance coverage.

Located on Bay City's West Side, McLaren Bay Special Care is just a short distance away from most major area highways, just off the I-75 Corridor into Bay City, MI.

McLaren Bay Special Care is a specialty, long term acute care hospital dedicated to helping those special patients whose medical needs go beyond the ordinary. It's a service that has never before been available in our area, and we are proud to lead the way into the future.

McLaren Bay Special Care - Established 1994.

McLaren Bay Region - West Campus
3250 E. Midland Road, Suite 1
Bay City, Michigan 48706
Phone: (989) 667-6802 (Business Office)
Fax: (989) 667-6809
Unit Phone:  (989) 667-6810