McLaren Central Michigan welcomes volunteers to help in many areas.  Responsibilities may include working in the gift shop, staffing the information desk, supporting families in a waiting room, etc.

"Volunteers help make McLaren Central Michigan a warm, personal place," said Jane Finnerty, Manager of Volunteer Services. "They're truly a part of our hospital community, filling roles that support our patients, physicians and staff."

All potential volunteers interview with Finnerty, must be at least 18 years old, and must have at least a high school diploma.  

Volunteers fall in one of three categories:  

Adults/Community Volunteers - Depending on personality and skills, these individuals work in the gift shop, staff the lobby help desk, take baby photos, assist with admitting and discharging, communicate with families in the surgical waiting room, pop/sell popcorn, make pillows for surgical patients, communicate with patients, etc.

Students - McLaren Central Michigan has volunteer opportunities for college and university students over the age of 18. Orientation is offered three times a year based on college semesters. Students commit to volunteering 25 hours per semester. How do I get involved? 

Chaplains - McLaren Central Michigan chaplains are non-denominational, specially trained volunteers who provide spiritual and emotional support for patients, families, visitors, and staff. Their efforts help the hospital provide a holistic approach to healing and recovery. Chaplain orientation is conducted annually.

If you are interested in volunteering at McLaren Central Michigan, please contact Jane Finnerty at (989) 772-6815 or jane.finnerty@mclaren.org.