Women's Care

Our skilled and caring caregivers are here to provide a range of services specific to a woman's health needs. Whether it's for the diagnosis of gynecological disorders such as bladder control problems, menstrual pain and pelvic organ prolapse, or for procedures such as breast exams and imaging, pap tests or child birthing. McLaren is ready to provide with the best in specialty services and diagnostics.

Women's Health at McLaren Central Michigan

Personalized Care

Every woman deserves a professional, caring health care practitioner who understands her needs and concerns in every stage of life.

The medical staff at McLaren Central Michigan is knowledgeable in all aspects of a woman's health and offers a full range of specialized obstetric and gynecological services such as preventative exams (pap, pelvic, mammography, and bone density), family planning, and surgical procedures, including traditional and the new, minimally invasive Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy

Diagnostic Procedures