McLaren Wound Care Clinic

Do You Need The Wound Care Clinic?

A wound is a break in the skin that is caused by disease, injury, poor circulation, diabetes, poor nutrition or other conditions. While the body generally heals wounds through a natural process, at times, some wounds do not heal the way they should. In fact, up to five million Americans suffer from chronic wounds each year. A wound that doesn't heal places a person at risk for infection and more serious complications. The wound can also cause discomfort, pain, disfigurement and can place limits on the person's activities and quality of life. If you have a wound or a sore that has not significantly healed in a month's time, you should consider the McLaren Wound Care Clinic.

We Specialize in Healing Wounds

The McLaren Wound Care Clinic specializes in treating acute and chronic hard-to-heal wounds. Our specialized team of doctors and nurses are solely dedicated to treating wounds, including many that have resisted healing after months and even years of traditional treatment. Clinic team members use proven, advanced techniques to treat many types of wounds. The Wound Care Clinic follows national guidelines based on clinical evidence when treating and managing wounds. As a result, most of our patients are completely healed in just a few months. Certain patients with a poor blood supply to a wound may be referred for hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy at McLaren Flint in Flint.

Our Wound Care Program

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