McLaren Flint Inpatient Rehab floorplan

By fall of 2017, a new, larger Inpatient Rehab Unit will be ready for patients, physicians and staff at McLaren Flint. The need for Inpatient Rehab services at the hospital continues to grow, in large part due to the McLaren Stroke Network, and the hospital’s 2016 accreditation as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by the Joint Commission. Rehab staff cared for more than 4,000 patients last year. In order to meet the growing demand, the hospital needs to expand this specialized unit from 12 beds to 22 beds. Rehab patients require specialized care and often longer stays than patients with other diagnoses.

The new Inpatient Rehab unit will feature:

  • Patient Rooms -16 private rooms and 3 semi private (22 beds total)
  • Dedicated Therapy Gym-expanded in size to meet the needs of the patients. The gym will also include Safegait-a state-of-the art “balance and mobility” system to help patients Re-learn to walk, Regain balance and assist with customized therapy.
  • Large Day Space Area featuring a residential-designed kitchen, bedroom and bathroom to help patients Regain daily living activities and become independent.
  • Small Day Space Area featuring a residential environment for working with smaller groups or one-on-one with patients.
  • Speech Center located on the unit.
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When you are a part of the Rehabilitation, you Rejoice in the Recovery!

All gifts, no matter the amount, can Restore hope, Recapture independence and Rejuvenate the spirit of patients and their families. The McLaren Flint Foundation welcomes you to call 810-342-4087 for donation options and sneak peak opportunities this spring and summer.