McLaren's occupational therapists teach patients to apply exercise to reality. That reality can include everything from learning how to get out of bed, to grooming and self-care, to work and leisure function and mobility. It may even mean teaching patients how to use adaptive equipment to help them accomplish something their bodies are preventing them from doing.

Every patient has his or her own unique return to daily living needs. McLaren's team of occupational therapists have the skills to help patients with the physiological and emotional obstacles they will encounter as they strive to return to the activities of daily living. Occupational therapists help patients improve their ability to perform tasks in living and working environments. They work with individuals who suffer from a mentally, physically, developmentally, or emotionally disabling condition. They use treatments to develop, recover, or maintain the daily living and work skills of their patients. They not only help patients improve their basic motor functions and reasoning abilities, they also help them learn to compensate for permanent loss of function. The goal is to help clients have independent, productive, and satisfying lives.

Occupational Therapists (OT) are licensed allied health professionals who hold at least a master's degree from an accredited college or university. Certified occupational therapy assistants (COTA) are certified professionals who work under the direction of a licensed occupational therapist and hold an associates degree.

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