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Specialized Physical Therapy Helps Patient Overcome Bowel Incontinence

Marilyn Arndt is all smiles after specialized physical therapy sessions with Lisa Priestap, PT, helped her overcome her bowel incontinence.
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Technology Now Available for Treatment of Severe Bouts of Dizziness

McLaren Therapy Services staff is now using state of the art technology that not only assists in treatment but also shows patients what exactly is happening to them. Thanks to a generous donation by the McLaren Flint Auxiliary Volunteers, Therapy Services was able to purchase video frenzel lenses to treat patients experiencing vertigo and dizziness.
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Therapy an Important Step Along the Road to Recovery

“Heather has lofty but achievable goals,” states McLaren Flint Physical Therapist Tim Webb when referring to patient Heather Beauchamp. “In a short time she has gone from being non-ambulatory to functionally ambulatory. It is very gratifying to see patients accomplish the therapy goals they set for themselves.”
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