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Endo/GI Lab

Endo/GI Procedures Save Lives

Procedures performed on the Endo/GI unit assist in detecting peptic ulcers, polyps, cancerous matter, esophageal reflux and other conditions of the digestive tract. Diagnosing these conditions frequently requires either endoscopy or colonoscopy which allows a view of the GI tract with a camera, smaller than a person's thumb, which delivers an extremely clear image.

Other procedures performed by the care team include biliary stenting, allowing bile to drain properly; ph studies; paracentesis, which drains fluid off the abdominal cavity; biopsies; and esophageal motility, which measures reflux.

One of the routinely scheduled procedures in the unit is a colonoscopy, which assists in the detection of a number of conditions including colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is a serious threat locally. This year in Michigan, there will be approximately 5,300 new cases of colorectal cancer diagnosed. Of those, half will die of the disease. When detected early, the survival rate averages 90%.

Comfort Measures High with Staff
The staff in the Endo/GI lab recognize that patients coming in for procedures are hungry and uncomfortable. They haven't been able to eat for several hours and they have had to down two gallons of a terrible tasting drink.

"Our goal is to make them as comfortable as possible and get them food as soon as we can," states nurse manager Barbara Rogers. Some of the little things the staff does that make a big difference in patient satisfaction include:

  • allowing the family to stay with the patient throughout the prep and recovery process.
  • make every attempt to keep the family informed of the process.
  • if the patient can not endure the prep portion, the staff has them come in early and sometimes iv medication is given to settle their stomach.
  • be sensitive to the patient's anxiety.
  • respect patient's need for privacy and make every effort to preserve their dignity throughout the procedure.

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