Imaging Services

Superior imaging technology and specialized physician review sets a foundation for focused care. McLaren’s imaging services utilize advanced technology and tools including X-Ray, CT Scanning, Ultrasound, and Mammography so that our team of skilled radiologists can analyze images electronically in high definition and make an accurate diagnosis.

*Allergies - Some studies listed will involve contrast injection. Let the office staff know if you have any allergies prior to your appointment.

Imaging Services at McLaren Flint

The McLaren Imaging Center offers all digital technology including mammography, computer-aided detection Systems (CAD), and a 64 slice CT-Scanner. Other services include general imaging, ultrasound technology, fluoroscopy and nuclear medicine. All imaging completed for patients at the site can be easily accessible to their physicians through a special website portal where images and results are made available on-line to be viewed by computer. Our fully trained staff cares for patients including fellowship trained radiologists who are on-site.

Imaging And Diagnostic Procedures