Stroke Network Program

McLaren Health Care recently launched a new telemedicine service that provides patients with enhanced in-house stroke care and 24/7 access to highly specialized interventional neurologists who can provide advanced therapies for patients with strokes and aneurysms. The McLaren Stroke Network is the only program in Michigan- and one of only a handful in the nation- where every stroke patient is seen by a stroke trained interventional neurologist in minutes...any time of the day or night.

As part of the McLaren Stroke Network, interventional neurologists utilize a telemedicine “robot” to provide consultative services within minutes of notification by onsite emergency and in house physicians. The TeleStroke System allows the interventional neurologist to beam into the patient’s bedside from a remote location and assess the patient, review CT scan images and discuss best options for the patient with onsite physicians and the patient’s family. Each of the hospitals across the McLaren system has installed this telemedicine technology in their emergency department, ensuring that patients have access to rapid decision-making for treatment during the critical period following the onset of stroke symptoms. This technology assures that clinical therapies such as clot removal and clot busting drugs can be applied quickly and effectively, resulting in better outcomes for the patient in regaining blood flow to affected areas in the brain, thus minimizing long term disability.

“With stroke, time is of the essence. There is no other comprehensive stroke program in Michigan that has the interventional neurologist be the first responder for a stroke alert. It makes us a leader in stroke care in the entire country.”
– Aniel Q. Majjhoo, MD,  
Interventional Neurologist and
Neuroscience Medical Director

With the TeleStroke network, stroke patients benefit from speedier diagnoses, faster care, and a better chance of recovery. McLaren is the first hospital in the Genesee-Lapeer-Shiawassee region to offer this high level of neurologic intervention for stroke patients.

“With stroke, time is of the essence,” says Aniel Majjhoo, M.D., interventional neurologist and medical director of the McLaren Stroke Network.

With TeleStroke, McLaren expects to boost survival rates and reduce the incidence of long-term disability among stroke patients.

“It makes us a leader in stroke care in Michigan, and in the entire country,” says Dr. Majjhoo.

Know the Facts on Stroke
  • Nearly 800,000 Americans have a stroke each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Stroke remains the fifth leading cause of death in the United States and the number one cause of long-term disability.
  • Timely intervention and treatment can limit the damage from these brain attacks.
Airflight Contract
McLaren Health Care has contracted with FlightCare to transport patients from outlying hospitals to Level I Stroke Centers in the McLaren system. The program offers air transportation for patients from McLaren Central Michigan and McLaren Northern Michigan to McLaren Flint. We will also be partnering with our EMS service for overland transfers.
TeleStroke technology available at these McLaren ER locations:
  • McLaren Bay Region
  • McLaren Central Michigan
  • McLaren Flint
  • McLaren Lapeer Region
  • McLaren Macomb
  • McLaren Northern Michigan
  • McLaren Oakland
  • McLaren Port Huron

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