Richmond woman enters emergency paralyzed, leaves walking

When Margo Holley woke up early one morning in July, she knew something was wrong; she just felt weird. She headed to the bathroom and felt an odd sensation on her left side that got progressively worse with each step. By the time she reached the bathroom, her left side was paralyzed.

Husband Credits Wife and McLaren Clinicians for FAST Recovery from Stroke

The time was 7:15 a.m. his cell phone rang and when he tried to grab for it with his right hand, he was unable to do so. He new something was wrong. He tried to get up and could not put his right foot on the ground.

Stroke Survivor Encourages Others to Pay Attention to Blood Pressure

Jeanette has suffered and survived not one but two strokes. And while she bounced back quickly from the first, recovering from the second has been a much bigger challenge.

Doctors Call Brain Aneurysm Patient a Miracle

It all began when she was at her mother’s home, preparing her daughter for a doctor’s appointment. Suddenly, she felt an intense headache and nausea and had trouble walking.

Interventional Procedures Result in Remarkable Recovery for Stroke Patient

Ronald West, age 69 of Swartz Creek, was reading the newspaper one Tuesday morning earlier this year when Carolyn, his wife of 45 years, noticed signs of stroke.

Patient Still in the Driver’s Seat After Stroke

Once he was discharged from the hospital, Scott only required seven sessions of outpatient therapy to work on some cognitive issues. He knew what he wanted to say but sometimes could not get it out unless someone said the words first.

Patient’s Golf Game Still Up To Par Despite Stroke

When it comes to stroke, even the most subtle signs of its presence should not be ignored. A sudden severe headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, vertigo and visual changes, can all be indications someone is having a stroke, especially if these are not normally experienced by the person. This was the case for Frank Bell, age 59 of Clio.