Reclaim your lifestyle

After an illness or injury, how well you are able to function during your daily activities is a crucial part of the recovery process. Rehabilitation services at McLaren Greater Lansing support this return to your life through a number of service locations and specialty therapies.

Professional Team
Highly trained physical and occupational design individualized treatment programs based on a thorough initial evaluation as well as your functional goals.

Specialty clinics & therapies

Hand Therapy and Occupational Therapy
Highly specialized, our certified hand therapists and occupational therapist assist your recovery from a hand or arm injury, whether from trauma or repetitive use.  Our therapists also provide custom splinting. Some commonly treated conditions include tendon lacerations, joint replacement, fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, deQuervains syndrome and postsurgical treatments.

Cancer Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation (STAR)
A cancer diagnosis can be traumatic, and so can life-saving treatments. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery can harm health and cause serious medical problems that interfere with daily function and well-being. McLaren Rehabilitation Services STAR Oncology Rehabilitation Program is a multidisciplinary and patient-centered program that offers survivors physical, occupational and speech therapy to recover more quickly from the side-effects of cancer treatment

Physical Therapy
Skilled and experienced physical therapists offer a variety of services to treat the following conditions:  orthopedic injuries and postsurgical treatment, oncology, neurological conditions, work place injuries, balance issues.  Each patient will receive an individualized home exercise program to continue their progress after rehabilitation is complete.

Osteoporosis Therapy
Physical and occupational therapy can be beneficial for persons with osteoporosis, especially following an acute fracture. Treatment can decrease pain, assist with muscle relaxation and promote continuing exercises to increase strength and balance.

The therapist can provide education regarding proper body mechanics and exercises to improve posture, strength, balance and flexibility.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic
The Breast Cancer Rehabilitation clinic combines the latest treatments and techniques to help you regain control of you health by regaining mobility and function and manage lymphedema or cording if this side effect is present. 

Pelvic Pain and Incontinence Program
Physical therapists have advanced training to treat men and women with neuromuscular bowel and bladder issues including incontinence and constipation. Therapists can also treat pelvic/abdominal pain caused by malalignment, scars, adhesions and muscle imbalance. This specialty can also address persistent hip pain.

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