A perfect place for new beginnings

One of life’s most special events for parents begins with expert and tender loving care of Birthing Center staff and physicians. It’s evident from the moment of admission, through labor, the joyous event of hearing baby’s "first cry", and finally, the baby’s first trip home.

Personal choice is a hallmark of the personalized care expectant parents can elect at McLaren Greater Lansing's Birthing Center.  

Included in the Birthing Center are:

  • Ten birthing suites, with a private bath and whirlpool
  • Two labor and delivery rooms
  • 12 postpartum rooms
  • Two fully-outfitted C-section rooms
  • Sophisticated infant and maternal monitors and equipment

Benefits of Delivering at McLaren

  • Pediatrician assistance. Our OBGYNs deliver all babies with the assistance from board-certified pediatricians so your newborn begins receiving care from the moment they enter the world. 
  • Customized experience. You decide how much or how little assistance you want in giving birth. You decide whom you want with you when your special delivery arrives. You elect what will make the birth experience more personal and comfortable for you and your family. Our staff works with you to make sure your birth experience is safe, healthy, and positive. Many couples prefer, and we encourage the natural childbirth process. However, if intervention is needed or wanted, epidural (OB) anesthesia and Caesarean births will be the standard of care provided. After birth, couplet care allows mothers and babies to remain together as much as desired.

McLaren Greater Lansing also has the area’s only certified midwife that delivers at a local hospital, giving parents another option to have the experience they want in a safe setting.

  • Single location. Childbirth-labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum most often occur in one room, depending on the number of "babies on board" for delivery.
  • Home-like patient rooms. Special touches for comfort and convenience include cherry and oak wood tones; subtle and calming color schemes; and non-glare lighting. Equipment needed after a baby is born is stored in hide-away cabinets, creating a non-medical look to the birthing suites. Suites and rooms also include pull-out daybeds or chairs. 

Continuity of Care

The excitement of your childbirth experience may seem a bit overwhelming, and you may still have questions or concerns when you return home. You’re always welcome to call one of our nurses or lactation consultants, 24 hours a day, at (517) 975-7300. You may prefer to call your obstetrician, pediatrician or family physician for special circumstances. Together, the physician and nursing team is ready to allay your concerns and help you have the best "new beginning" possible.

Education and Support for Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding can be a satisfying and rewarding experience for mother and baby. Like many things in life, breastfeeding may not always be easy. Sometimes, "getting the hang of it" may seem confusing or a little frustrating. These feelings are common among breastfeeding mothers. Our lactation consultants teach you correct positioning, "latch-on" techniques, baby’s feeding cues, and signs of adequate infant intake. After discharge, one of our lactation consultants is available by phone to answer any questions you may have.