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Personalized Care for Every Season of Life
Women of all ages need a compassionate health care practitioner who understands their concerns and needs. At the obstetric and gynecologic practices of McLaren Greater Lansing, we understand these needs and how they change over time.

We provide for all aspects of a woman's health and offer a full range of obstetric and gynecological specialized services such as pregnancy care, family planning and surgical procedures.

A Physician Is Always Available
Even when our offices are closed, our patients can call to speak with a physician. During office hours, we quickly schedule urgent appointments.

Supportive, Qualified Staff
In addition to our board certified physicians, our staff includes a highly qualified support team of nurses, sonographers, medical assistants and medical receptionists.

Supported By a Major Hospital System
Our physicians practice exclusively at McLaren Greater Lansing, which brings optimal patient care, access to advanced technology, and the region's newest facilities.

Birthing Center
Designed to meet the needs and desires of mothers-to-be, McLaren Greater Lansing's Birthing Center combines the feel of a birthing center with the advanced technology of one of the state's largest hospital systems.

Advanced Surgery Center
Completed in 2007, McLaren Greater Lansing's Chi Heart & Surgery Center offers our physicians the newest technology and facilities for surgical interventions. You'll enjoy the center's private patient rooms, spacious layout and personal care from our staff.