Family BirthPlace - McLaren Greater Lansing 401 West Greenlawn, Lansing, MI 48910 Phone: (517) 975-7300.

Birthing Center

A perfect place for new beginnings

One of life's most special events for parents begins with expert and tender loving care of our Family BirthPlace staff and physicians. It's evident from the moment of admission, through labor, the joyous event of hearing baby's "first cry", and finally, the baby's first trip home.

Personal choice is a hallmark of the personalized care expectant parents can elect at McLaren Greater Lansing's Family BirthPlace.  

Included in the Family BirthPlace are:

  • Ten birthing suites, with a private bath and whirlpool
  • Two labor and delivery rooms
  • 12 postpartum rooms
  • Two fully-outfitted C-section rooms
  • Sophisticated infant and maternal monitors and equipment

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