“McLaren equals medicine.” We are proud to be able to confidently make that statement. It might seem simple, but like the advanced formulas some of our experts must master before working with McLaren Health Care, getting to this conclusion requires many complex steps.

 We strive to make every day a clear demonstration of our commitment to our patients, our communities, and our stakeholders. Everything we do works together to create better health. Everything we do is dedicated to delivering the best. McLaren Health Care is serious about medicine, because medicine is serious business. That’s another important equation. We realize the trust that is placed in our hands; we value the lives that are placed in our hands. There is nothing more important to us than earning such trust and never losing it.

Of course, in today’s health care universe, “medicine” means much more than it once did. For McLaren Health Care, it involves technology, research, education, health insurance, partnerships  and more. We blend our diverse facilities, expertise, businesses, and capabilities to create a health care system for our current and future generations.  

We are pleased to say that as we near the end of the first decade of the new century, McLaren Health Care is well positioned to continue adding to its winning formula – maintaining and enhancing the base equation: McLaren equals medicine. 

Philip A. Incarnati 
President and CEO
McLaren Health Care

David McCredie
Chairman, Board of Directors
McLaren Health Care