Bariatric Services

Individuals that fall into the obese weight classification are at higher risk of developing many serious, life-limiting diseases, including diabetes. McLaren has several bariatric procedures available to treat obesity, including the most successful at resolving type 2 diabetes because of the metabolic change that occurs as a result of the procedure. We now know that weight loss surgery can help to decrease the incidence of diabetes. As many as 90% of patients had improved glucose control following bariatric surgery, according to a recent national study.

Specially Trained Medical Specialists

We have a team of specially trained bariatric specialists ready to assist people in their journey to lose weight and to realize a more active, healthy life. Since its inception, McLaren's surgical weight loss program has helped people with their weight loss and health goals through medical management, bariatric surgery, nutritional counseling and bariatric support groups. The full continuum of care provided increases the likelihood for long-term weight loss success and improved quality of life following surgery.

Our Comprehensive Bariatric Surgical Program Includes:

  • Complete Medical Evaluation
  • Surgical Consultation
  • Psychological and Nutritional Counseling
  • Complete Pre and Post Operative Care
  • Support Groups
  • Fully Monitored and Specially Equipped Unit for Inpatient Care

Are You A Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery

  • Are you 100 pounds or more above your ideal body weight?
  • Do you have a BMI of 40 or greater? - Calculate your BMI
  • Do you have a BMI of 35 or greater with one or more obesity-related health condition(s)?
  • Have other forms of weight control failed?
  • Are you over 18 years of age?
  • Are you well informed about the potential procedure and risks?

If so, you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery. Together, you and your McLaren bariatric surgeon will take steps to determine:

  • If surgery is the right treatment for you
  • Which type of procedures is right for you
  • If you are mentally and emotionally prepared to make lifelong lifestyle changes

Expect the prequalification process to include a series of tests. You will also meet with a nutritionist, psychologist, and other support staff members in sessions leading up to surgery. McLaren will help you prepare for the changes and challenges that lie ahead.

If you believe bariatric surgery would improve your health and well-being, find a location near you to begin a conversation and start the pre-qualification process.

Bariatric Support Groups and Seminars
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McLaren proudly offers ongoing educational bariatric seminars, allowing participants to meet our bariatric surgery team and ask questions. Learn more by attending a seminar.

Post surgery, McLaren offers bariatric support groups where participants learn and discuss the important life skills obtained after going through the surgery process and stress management skills patients utilize.

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Bariatric Surgery Payment Options

Self Payment: Pricing and Financing

McLaren has a Point of Service Self-Pay Option for bariatric surgery. This program and the pricing for our surgical options offered include:

  • All customary hospital charges for surgical procedure
  • Your pre-surgical and post-surgical clinical visits in our Bariatric and Metabolic Institute (up to 90 days post-procedure)
  • Required psychological and behavioral modification analysis
  • Various medical professional fees for those who participate in your care
  • Web-based access for pre- and post-surgical information
  • 24 hour access to bariatric surgeon

Note: Prior to finalizing a particular procedure, all potential surgical candidates must be screened by one of our surgeons. Upon review, the surgeon has the right to refuse treatment based on patients’ pre-existing medical condition(s) or risk factor(s) associated with the desired procedure.

McLaren offers a complete care package, highly skilled surgeons, an expert support staff, and the most advanced surgical options at an award winning hospital-all at a very competitive price.

Medical Insurance

Do I Qualify for Insurance Coverage?

Since every insurance policy is unique, it's important that you thoroughly understand your certificate of coverage to know exactly what is and isn't covered through your plan.

To determine your eligibility, contact your insurance carrier. The contact phone number is usually located on the back of your medical insurance card.

To qualify for insurance coverage, many insurers require patients to have a history of medically supervised weight loss efforts.

Keep track of every visit you make to a healthcare professional for obesity-related issues or visits to supervised weight loss programs. Make note of other weight loss attempts made through diet centers and fitness club memberships. Keep good records, including receipts.

If your bariatric surgeon recommends bariatric surgery, he or she will prepare a letter to obtain preauthorization from your insurance company. The goal of this letter is to establish the medical necessity of bariatric surgery and gain approval for the procedure. The following information is generally included in the preauthorization letter:

  • Your height, weight, and Body Mass Index, and any documentation you might have as to how long you have been overweight.
  • Simply describing your condition as morbid obesity is not enough. A full description of all your obesity-related health conditions, including records of treatment, a history of medications taken, and documentation of how these conditions affect your everyday life, is necessary.
  • A detailed report of how your excess weight affects daily activities, such as walking, tying your shoes, or maintaining personal hygiene.
  • A detailed history of the results of your dieting efforts, including medically and nonmedically supervised programs, medical records, and records you may have kept of payments to and meetings you’ve attended with commercial weight loss programs.
  • A history of exercise programs, including receipts for gym memberships.
  • Ask your doctor to include clinical information about how effective bariatric surgery can be, particularly the control or loss of obesity-related health conditions.

Normally, your insurance provider will respond to your request within 30 days. You should schedule a follow-up if you have not heard from your insurance company in that amount of time.

If your insurance company denies your request, you can make an appeal. At this point, consider hiring an insurance lawyer or insurance advocate, both of whom can be very helpful. The insurance lawyer or advocate should have an in-depth understanding of the appeals process, as well as any laws that apply, and how to go about responding to the insurance company. With some insurance carriers, the number of appeals that you can make is limited. So be sure to learn as much as possible about the appeals process ahead of time.

At the end of this stage, with the help of a bariatric surgeon, you will know if you qualify for surgery.

Bariatric Procedures Offered
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