Family Birthing Center

New parents want to feel comfortable and reassured during the delivery experience. That's why personal care gets top priority in the Family Birthing Center at McLaren Macomb.

With spacious, private birthing suites, the Birthing Center allows mom to experience her labor, delivery and post-partum care all in one place.

Constant security of newborns is provided through the HUGS Infant Security System.

  • Using advanced wireless radio frequency technology, the Hugs® system is highly reliable in keeping infants protected and secure within the Family Birthing Center. Every infant wears a small Hugs tag on the ankle that is automatically enrolled in the system the moment it is attached.
  • The Family Birthing Center is a designated “safe area,” so all exits are protected by door monitors and a network of receivers picks up messages from the tags. If the infant is taken near an exit, an alarm will sound.
  • An alarm will also sound if an attempt is made to cut or remove the infant’s the tag strap.
  • Both the Family Birthing Center and the Special Care Nursery are secured areas and are not open to the public. Only verified parents and visitors are allowed entry.

Most importantly, the specially trained nursing staff provides experienced care to mothers and babies. All nurses in the Family Birthing Center are trained in labor, delivery and post-partum care, to provide a continuum of care for patients.

Nurses are also trained and certified in neo-natal resuscitation through the American Academy of Pediatrics.

If a newborn requires more intensive medical care, a 15-bed Special Care Nursery is located within the Birthing Center.  Here specially trained physicians and nurses provide care to babies. Parent visitation is encouraged.

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