BRAvo 2017

In celebration and recognition of Breast Care Awareness Month, an annual evening of fun and health awareness is organized by McLaren Macomb, the McLaren Macomb Healthcare Foundation and the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Macomb, Ted B. Wahby Cancer Center.

Started as an effort to raise funds to provide free mammograms – the vital breast cancer screening – to uninsured women, support from BRAvo now includes all women’s health initiatives. Teams are encouraged to decorate bras to be voted on and sold at auction. Those funds, along with items graciously donated from the community and local business partners, all continue to fund BRAvo for Women!

Through these efforts and your support, BRAvo has raised nearly half a million dollars and provided more than 2,000 mammograms free of charge. Please consider donating.

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BRAvo 2016

Find it, beat it, treat it! After a wildly successful first year, “Dancing with Our Docs” returned to the boundless enjoyment of the packed crowd. Again pairing four cancer survivors with McLaren Macomb physicians, the night’s marquee attraction helped the event raise thousands of dollars to continue to support local women.

October, 2016

BRAvo 2015

Make Early Detection Purse-onal! BRAvo 2015 introduced the crowd-pleasing “Dancing with My Doc,” pairing five cancer survivors with their physician in friendly dance competition to further raise funds for the BRAvo for Women program, which continues to support local women.

October, 2015

BRAvo 2014

Hat’s Off to Survivors! BRAvo 2014 brought in several wonderful, brave women who faced breast cancer, fought it and beat it! Celebrating five years, BRAvo 2015 was hosted again at Penna’s of Sterling with a sellout crowd of more than a thousand people, continuing to raise funds to help local women.

October, 2014

BRAvo 2013

Mixing cancer awareness and fashion, Kicking Cancer with Style! Continuing to grow in popularity, BRAvo 2013 was hosted at Penna’s of Sterling to accommodate the more than thousand supporters, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars to help local women!

October, 2013

BRAvo 2012

The first year to introduce a theme, this year’s decorated bra entries brought the spirit of New Orleans and Mardi Gras – Mardi Bra: Unmasking Breast Cancer! Again hosted at the Mirage in Clinton Township, thousands gathered and many more thousands were raised.

October, 2012

BRAv0 2011

Due to such a wonderful inaugural event, BRAvo 2011 had to move to a larger location to accommodate the increase in public interest. More than 660 people gathered at Clinton Township’s Mirage banquet hall, raising more than $90,000.

October, 2011

BRAvo 2010

Created to address the need of uninsured women unable to get regular mammograms – the vital breast cancer screening. The public responded well to the new event with more than 300 in attendance, raising just over $20,000.

October, 2010