Our goal is to provide you with current and relevant information about the federally mandated ICD-10 implementation initiative at McLaren Health Care Corporation.

As we transition to ICD-10, this website will be updated on a regular basis with general information, educational tools and links to ICD-10 reference materials, as well as archived issues of the ICD-10 newsletter.

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ICD10 for Oakland

  ICD-10 July 2015 Presentation
  ICD-10 Office Staff Education July 2015
  ICD-10 Physician Practice Presentation July 2015
  Is Your Office Ready for ICD-10?
  ICD-10 Preparation Checklist

  ICD-10 Cardiology-CT Surg-IR Presentation
  ICD-10 Critical Care-Pulmonary Presentation
  ICD-10 Emergency Medicine Presentation
  ICD-10 General Surgery-ENT-Urology Presentation
  ICD-10 Hematology-Oncology Presentation
  ICD-10 Internal Med-Gastroenterology Presentation
  ICD-10 Neurology-Neurosurgery Presentation
  ICD-10 Obs-Gyn Presentation
  ICD-10 Orthopedics-Orthopedic Surgery Presentation
  ICD-10 Psychiatry Presentation
  ICD-10 Radiology Presentation

  ICD-9 Diagnosis to ICD-10 Diagnosis Xwalk Code Listing

ICD10 for Flint

Help to a Successful Radiology Order
ICD-10 Tip Sheet
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