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Posted Date: 10/30/2017

BRAvo 2017 “Dancing with Our Docs” performances

If you weren’t able to make it to BRAvo 2017, no worries. Here are the stunning “Dancing with Our Docs” performances to help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer awareness.

We’ll see you next year as we continue the BRAvo tradition!

Kathy Konath & Dr. Timothy Logan

Read Kathy and Dr. Logan's story here.

Michele Beitelshees & Dr. Mike Wagner

Read Michele and Dr. Wagner's story here.

Debbie Norris & Dr. Neal Bhatt

Read Debbie and Dr. Bhatt's story here.

Kelly Taylor & Dr. Joseph Kaiser

Read Kelly and Dr. Kaiser's story here.

Performing Dance Company at Suzette's Masters of Dance tribute dance

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