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Posted Date: 4/10/2017

McLaren Let’s Move Festival of Races: Ready to run

McLaren Let's Move Festival of Races

Physician's advice for peak performance on race day.

Dr. Kurtis Kieleszewski

With races of varying length and the drive of friendly competition, runners for the McLaren Let’s Move Festival of Races strive to show up on race day prepared to turn in a personal best.

Organized by the Macomb Health and Fitness Foundation, the 7th annual McLaren Let’s Move Festival of Races will be held on Saturday, April 29, with proceeds donated to the Macomb Food Program and Care House of Macomb County.

With this motivation to train to be at one’s best on race day, a local physician encourages runners to follow training guidelines to ensure readiness at the starting line and avoid the pitfalls that come with over-training.

“Race day should be the culmination of a training process,” said Dr. Kurtis Kieleszewski, family medicine physician and medical director of the McLaren Macomb Athletic Medicine Institute. “Don’t just get up and start running 5 miles a day—that could actually hurt a runner. Training should include an incremental increase in running distance, speed, weight training of various muscle groups and proper nutrition. Aspects of this training added together will improve any runner’s health and performance.”

Dr. Kieleszewski encourages athletes to consider purchasing a book that aims to educate and assist with their race preparations.

This training process should include:
• A 10 percent maximum increase in running distance per week.
• Leg (quadriceps, hamstrings and calves) and core (abdominals, obliques and lower back) strengthening exercises.
• Staying well-hydrated every day, avoiding excessive caffeine and alcohol.
• Meals with consistent protein (meat, yogurt, eggs and fish), with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
• Training and running the race in the same shoes to avoid foot cramps and blisters.

“No one can guarantee any runner that they’ll average a 6 or 8 minute mile time over a distance race,” Dr. Kieleszewski said. “But good planning and an appropriate training program will help all runners at any level put in a good race.”

McLaren Let’s Move Festival of Races will be held in downtown Mount Clemens with festivities opening at 8 a.m. with the half marathon starting at 9 a.m. Following it will be the starting times for The Better Half 10K (9:20 a.m.), Oakland University 5K (9:40 a.m.) and Buffalo Wild Wings 1 Mile Run (11 a.m.).

To register to race or for information on course maps, packet pick updates and locations, and more, visit the McLaren Let’s Move Festival of Races at

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