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Posted Date: 12/1/2015

Meet Angela - Employee of the Month

Angela is employee of the month

At McLaren Macomb we believe in recognizing outstanding employees who consistently exceed expectations to ensure the highest degree of patient satisfaction. The Employee of the Month award is presented to an employee whose exemplary performance, professionalism and leadership contributes to McLaren Macomb’s mission and core values.

Meet Angela
Registered Nurse

The first of five children, three boys and two girls Angela was born in Adrian, Michigan and grew up in two small neighboring towns, Cement City and Grass Lake. The first home she lived in was a dairy farm and her second home where she lived most of her young life was a Christmas tree farm. Angela graduated from her local high school and soon went on to college at Jackson Community College in Jackson, Michigan where she was the youngest graduate in her class. Much of Angela’s inspiration throughout her life comes from her Mom, Jennie whom she has always considered to be the rock of her entire family.
After obtaining her nursing degree in 1998 Angela soon landed a job at Mt. Clemens General Hospital. Though she left for a brief tour as a travel nurse she quickly learned that McLaren Macomb was where she wanted to be and soon returned. She regards her travel experiences highly as they helped prepare her to make a most satisfying career decision.

As a Registered Nurse on 4 West Angela’s role includes assessing patient health, administering patient medications and vaccinations, educating patients and family members, coordinating patient care and testing with other departments as well as many other clinical responsibilities including that of a charge nurse. She takes great pride in ensuring the highest degree of continuity in patient care 24/7/365.
The best part of her job? Angela would say “I love helping others! Bathing patients who can’t wash themselves, easing pain with comfort or medications, holding a patient’s hand when they are fearful or taking their last breath, comforting families during difficult decisions, working with a great hospital team to make the best decisions for patient care and starting an IV that no one else can get – these are the things I do best naturally!”

When describing patient satisfaction Angela believes “It is more than just meeting the patient’s needs physically, but going beyond to meet their emotional, spiritual and psychological needs also. For them to know that I don’t just take care of them but that I care about them is so important.”

Angela is most inspired when patients express a positive outlook towards their health and are grateful for the care they receive at McLaren Macomb. She is equally moved when her co-workers make her feel needed and appreciated. She is most proud to teach others the skills and knowledge she has gained over the past 26 years.

When asked how she turns a bad day around and make it good she responds “I first start my day off good with prayer and a devotional. I listen to positive and uplifting music on my way into work. I think that preparing for your day is a great start. When my day turns bad I can always count on my co-workers and nurse manager Holly who is a most caring and calm listener when helping to solve problems within the unit. I can’t say enough about my co-workers. They are quick to provide support and lift your spirits by making you laugh when you want to cry. They possess strong clinical skills and are just a great team I can rely on. I feel blessed to work with all of them.”

For new healthcare professionals who are just beginning a career Angela would advise them “Find something that you are passionate about and then do it so well that people pay you to do it. When you love what you do that’s a career instead of a job.”

As for committees or projects Angela enjoys being a super user when new charting comes out and has served on a variety of policy committees. She is also a preceptor for new RN’s.

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