Filling prescriptions after a hospital stay can be a challenge. Patients are often anxious to return home and the last thing they want to do is make an additional stop at their pharmacy. McLaren Pharmacy takes the hassle out of getting prescriptions filled, easing the transition from the hospital to home. The DischargeRx Program is a free service offered to our patients that delivers their discharge medication(s) directly to the bedside prior to discharge, eliminating the need for an extra stop at the pharmacy on the way home. 

Medication Safety and Adherence

Medication safety is our first priority. Our pharmacists can coordinate discharge medications with the physician before the patient leaves the hospital, decreasing the chance for unwanted drug duplications or interactions. This convenient service helps to ensure patients leave the hospital with their required medications and understand the medication proper usage, increasing patient’s compliance and positive outcomes. The program is also able to proactively address any insurance related issues, such as medications not covered, prior authorizations or unaffordable copays. With the pharmacy processing the prescription prior to the patient being discharged, coverage on all medications is able to be verified. If a patient’s medication isn’t covered or is too expensive, the pharmacy will contact the physician for an alternative, resolving any issues prior to the patient being discharged from the hospital.

How it works

  • The Discharge Rx service is offered to patients at the time of registration.
  • For patients who elect the service, the nurse sends the patient face sheet and prescription(s) written by the prescriber to the pharmacy for processing. 
  • If any issues arise with a patient’s prescription, the pharmacy staff will contact the physician to resolve the issue and communicate any required changes to the patient. 
  • The pharmacy staff member delivers the medication to the patient’s bedside, reviewing the medications and the directions for use. If the patient has any additional questions about the medication, the pharmacy staff will connect the patient directly with the pharmacist. 
  • Pharmacy staff member collects payment for the prescription(s) and obtains all required signatures.

Patients are also informed at this time if they have additional refills on their medications that they can continue to be filled by McLaren Pharmacy or transferred to their pharmacy of choice. We want to make it as convenient as possible for patients to be compliant with their needed therapy. 

DischargeRx Locations and Hours of Availability

  • McLaren Flint
  • McLaren Lapeer Region
  • McLaren Bay Region
  • McLaren Greater Lansing
  • McLaren Orthopedic Hospital
  • McLaren Macomb
  • McLaren Oakland