Lifeline Emergency Response System

Get help at the touch of a button

With Lifeline from McLaren Homecare, help is available at the press of a button. We provide our homecare patients with Lifeline, America’s most trusted medical alert service.

When you experience a fall or medical issue, every second counts. If you are alone, delayed medical care can jeopardize your recovery and your independence. Lifeline enables seniors in Mid and Southeast Michigan to remain living at home with greater independence, peace of mind and dignity. Family members and caregivers also benefit by knowing their loved ones can always get help if they need it.

Here's how it works:

  1. Simply press the button on your Lifeline Personal Help device, which is worn as a pendant or wristband. The device will immediately call the Lifeline Response Center.
  2. You’ll hear a reassuring voice over a special speaker phone installed in your home. A trained Lifeline Response Associate will answer your call day or night and quickly assess the situation.

  3. If you need help, the Lifeline Response Associate will contact a neighbor, family member or emergency services, depending on your needs. He or she will stay on the line with you until help arrives.
For added safety, you can add Lifeline AutoAlert® to your Lifeline service. The AutoAlert® device can detect a fall and automatically contact the Lifeline Response Center if you are unable to press your Lifeline button.

60 Days of Lifeline FREE
McLaren Homecare patients can receive 60 days of Lifeline at no cost. At the end of the free trial period, patients can choose to keep the Lifeline service for a small monthly fee with no contracts to sign and no equipment to buy…or they can choose to discontinue service at no cost.

About Philips Lifeline
Philips Lifeline is the leading provider of medical alert services in the United States, with more than 6 million subscribers over the last 30 years. That experience has earned the trust and recommendation of more than 65,000 healthcare providers.

Want to learn more about Lifeline? Read these Frequently Asked Questions about Lifeline.

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