Heart Failure Clinic Overview

Heart Failure Clinic Overview
The Heart Failure Clinic at McLaren Northern Michigan is dedicated to reducing the incidence of 30-day heart failure readmissions through treatment, education, and follow-up. Heart failure patients already admitted to the hospital will receive a referral at the time of discharge; others may be referred directly from their primary care physician.

Following a heart failure diagnosis, patient follow-up is scheduled within one week of discharge.

A thorough evaluation includes:

  • Review and prescription of medical therapy
  • Education on lifestyle behaviors that help prevent hospital readmission
  • Referrals for appropriate support services including home health services, dietary guidance, cardiac rehabilitation, sleep study, and CardioCom telemonitoring
  • Initiation and updating of ongoing Advanced Directives
  • Evaluation of current and upcoming research trials when appropriate
  • Providing long-term management to complement the services of primary care providers or cardiologists
  • Coordination of end-of-life-services when needed
  • Providing written communication to referring physicians after each patient visit

Patients undergo a full medical history evaluation and physical including:

  • Lab evaluation
  • Six-minute walk assessment
  • Minnesota Living with Heart Failure questionnaire
  • Sleep apnea assessment
  • Evaluation of underlying heart problem and potential for correcting the condition
  • Review of advanced mechanical support or device therapy where needed

Ask your physician for a referral or call 888.326.2490 for information. Our commitment is to work with you and your physician to provide the highest standard of specialty care. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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