Advanced Heart and Vascular Care Decades of Experience, Service, and Caring

At McLaren Northern Michigan, we balance leading-edge technology and research with expert care and compassion to improve hearts — and lives — all across northern Michigan. Our board certified cardiologists and surgeons, along with highly trained technical, clinical, and support staff, are positioned to provide for all your cardiovascular needs — from diagnostic evaluation through outpatient consultation and urgent hospital care.

Highest National Rating for Heart Bypass Surgery

Since 2012, McLaren Northern Michigan has been recognized with the highest quality rating for heart bypass surgery as determined by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). Of the more than 700 U.S. hospitals that were part of the study, McLaren Northern Michigan performs significantly higher than the mean score, placing it among the top 15% nationwide. STS analyzes data on heart programs nationwide through a comprehensive rating system that compares quality, complications, pre-and post-operative medication administration, and outcomes.

Get With The Guidelines® Recognition
for Heart Failure Gold Plus and Target Heart Failure

The American Heart Association recognized McLaren Northern Michigan for achieving 85% or higher adherence to all Get With The Guidelines-Heart Failure Performance Achievement indicators for consecutive 12 month intervals and 75% or higher compliance with at least 4 Get With The Guidelines-Heart Failure Quality Measures to improve quality of patient care. In addition McLaren Northern Michigan demonstrated documentation of all three Target Heart Failure care components for 50% or more of eligible heart failure patients discharged from the hospital during one calendar quarter.

McLaren Northern Michigan has a higher success rate in vascular procedures than any other hospital in the country. In fact, McLaren Northern Michigan is the only hospital of its size in the country to offer extensive clinical and vascular procedures. With state-of-the-art diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of blood vessel, artery, and vein disorders including blockages, closures, and clots, patients have access to innovative vascular surgery procedures that produce the best outcomes in the nation.

McLaren Northern Michigan has taken preventative steps to diminish heart disease in northern Michigan. The Heart and Vascular Center is committed to providing the people of northern Michigan with the most up to date diagnostics and treatment strategies for heart and vascular disease.

Our heart specialists at McLaren Northern Michigan have been on the leading edge of disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research and rehabilitation.

The Heart & Vascular Center opened in May 2004, which further enhances both the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Heart disease detection and how to prevent heart disease are, well…at the heart of the matter for heart surgeons and heart health care specialists of McLaren Northern Michigan.

Dedicated research and clinical trials, both on and off the McLaren Northern Michigan campus, drive the quest for new knowledge and best practices. Two research divisions work closely with McLaren Northern Michigan heart and vascular specialists, embracing only the most trusted and proven advancements. With only 5% of all trials resulting in FDA approval, the McLaren Northern Michigan cohort is particularly careful in its decision to pursue the best research trials for the McLaren Northern Michigan patient population. That decision is based on true science and altruism: realistic criteria with real-world application, in which there is a medical necessity with benefits that always outweigh the risk.