Annual Giving

Friends of McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation
Donors and supporters of McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation are caring members of our communities who are committed to making a profound impact on the delivery of healthcare for their families, friends, and neighbors. McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation has a long history of generous and visionary supporters. The faithful dedication of our family of donors continues to sustain our mission of enhancing the health and well-being of our community and in turn we:

  • Express heartfelt appreciation to our donors.
  • Publicly recognize the generosity of the Foundation's donors for making a meaningful contribution to the community's quality of life.
  • Underscore the critical and ongoing importance of private philanthropy to the advancement of medicine and patient care.
  • Keep members well informed about the services and long-range plans of McLaren Northern Michigan as well as state and national issues related to healthcare.
  • Generate on-going annual leadership support for the efforts of McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation to help renovate, equip, and enhance health services and programs at McLaren Northern Michigan.