Make a Donation

Every donation is extremely important because it provides resources that make an immediate impact on the care you receive in your community. The significance of each gift goes beyond a simple dollar value - it improves the lives of your neighbors, friends and family by ensuring that the care they need is available when they need it most. Every dollar you give to the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation stays right here in northern Michigan and is used as directed by you.

Gifts by Cash or Check

Checks may be made payable to McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation.

Please Mail To:
McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation
360 Connable Avenue
Petoskey, MI 49770

Gifts of Stocks, Securities, or Property

Gifts of securities may offer significant tax benefits to the donor. Contributions of appreciated securities held for over a year are generally tax deductible at market value, regardless of what the donor paid for the securities. This may provide the donor with a capital gains savings as well as a charitable income tax deduction.

The transfer of securities from a donor's brokerage account to Mclaren Northern Michigan Foundation is accomplished via the Depository Trust Company (DTC). To perform this transfer, simply notify your broker of the securities to be gifted and provide the following transfer information:

McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation
Raymond James Account #35406908
DTC #725
Donor Name and Address
McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation
Federal I.D. # 38-2445611