Nurse Managers

Each nursing manager at McLaren Northern Michigan has a unique, incomparable quality that they bring to work each and every day. The involvement of nurses at McLaren Northern Michigan is an essential factor in the delivery of patient care. Through the instruction and motivation from our talented nurse managers, the entire nursing population lives by our mission to provide health care as we expect for our own family.
Jennifer Woods
Jennifer Woods, RN, MSN, CNML
Chief Nursing Officer
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 1993
Jennifer Woods joined McLaren Northern Michigan in July 1999. During her tenure, she has held increasingly more advanced leadership roles, including Nurse Manager for Ambulatory Care, Endoscopy, PACU, and Radiology Nursing. 
In 2010,  Jennifer was named Senior Director of Acute Care Services, and was promoted to Chief Nursing Officer in February 2012. As Chief Nursing Officer, Jennifer oversees all nursing operations for the hospital, guiding all areas of patient care to ensure clinical excellence. 
Jennifer received her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Ohio State University and graduated with her Masters of Science in Nursing from Walden University in 2011. 
Throughout her career she has been a staff nurse,Team Leader, Clinical Supervisor, and Nurse Manager. Her clinical background includes Neurosurgical ICU, Radiology, UroSurgery Clinic, and Endoscopy. 
Jennifer is a member of the Senior Executive Team with accountability for Acute Patient Care Services. This includes Staffing/SWAT and Transport, Behavioral Services, Women & Children's, Emergency Department, Renal, Intensive Care  Unit, Cardiovascular Unit, Medical/Surgical Unit, Orthopaedics, Neurology, and Oncology. 

Shari Schult
Shari Schult
Director of Operations
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 2008

As Director of Operations, Shari Schult is responsible for key clinical areas including Pharmacy, Lab, Neurosciences, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, Diabetic and Nutrition Center, Radiology, and all clinical operations for the McLaren Northern Michigan Cheboygan Campus.

Shari has nearly 20 years of health care leadership experience, including service as Chief Executive Officer of the former Cheboygan Memorial Hospital. She was integral to the successful integration of the former hospital into McLaren Northern Michigan, and maintains an active role in the Cheboygan community. She serves on several community boards including the Cheboygan Economic Development Group, the Cheboygan County Chamber Board of Directors, and is Vice President of the Executive Chamber Board of Directors.

Shari is a Registered Nurse, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Phoenix, and is actively pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing specializing in leadership and management from Walden University.

Janis Bishop
Janis Bishop
MSN, RN, CNL Clinical Nurse Manager
Level 2 North
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 2013
Janis Bishop, MSN, RN, CNL joined McLaren Northern Michigan in 2013 as the Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM) for Level 2 North, and assumed the CNM role for ICU in 2014. Janis brings to McLaren Northern Michigan her passion and advocacy for nursing with an extensive background in Critical Care working with open heart, trauma, general, vascular, and neurosurgical patient populations.
She received American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) board certification as a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) upon completion of graduate studies at the University of Detroit Mercy in 2011. The Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) is the first new graduate program in nursing since the nurse practitioner was introduced many years ago. This role evolved after the AACN convened a task force to identify ways to improve the quality of patient care and determine how to prepare nurses with the skills and competencies needed to thrive in the current and future healthcare system.

Janis promotes a healthy work environment and engages others in its achievement, embracing transformational nursing leadership that includes concepts of Emotional Intelligence to create, communicate, and share a vision for reshaping the future of nursing to enhance the motivation, morale, and performance of staff throughout the organization.
Marla Clark
Marla Clark
Senior Director
Heart and Vascular Program
At McLaren Northern Michigan since 2012
Marla Clark provides oversight for Michigan Heart & Vascular Specialists including Diagnostic Imaging, Cardiac Cath Lab, Perfusion Services, and Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation. A nurse for over 30 years, Marla received her nursing degree from Butterworth Hospital School of Nursing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She continued her education with a BSN from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MSN from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, and Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree from Rush University in Chicago.

"I believe that learning is a life-long process, and my day is not complete without learning at least one thing new," she explains.

"I am most proud of my two adult children, whom everyday are pursuing their own dreams ' one as an entrepreneur in antiques and the other in health care management."
Shelly Germain
Shelly Germain
Clinical Nurse Manager
Orthopedics, Neurology, Urology
Shelly Germain, RN, BSN, CNML, is part of award-winning orthopedics care team that has been honored for the last three years among the top 5% in the country. "Orthopedic care at McLaren Northern Michigan is the best blend of modern technology and practices with an old school work ethic," she expresses.

As a nurse manager, Shelly does not request anything of nurses that she has not experienced herself. "Each team member knows what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how to meet and exceed their patients expectations," she explains.

Shelly also understands intuitively that high morale produces better quality of care. "Social activity is an integral part of working on these units (Orthopedics, Neurology, and Urology) and throughout the hospital, as they consistently celebrate life's milestones."

Within the units in which Shelly manages, a number of team members participate in the Council for Staff Morale, a council that supports what they do and promotes share time outside of the hospital to grow closer as colleagues and as friends.

"If you want to see your hopes and dreams become a reality, working under Shelly's steady, been-there-done-that management style will help you achieve your goals," explains one nurse colleague. She is truly an advocate for her staff and for McLaren Northern Michigan.

Shelly defines compassion and energy in nursing.
Tamara Hightower
Tamara Hightower
Clinical Nurse Manager
Level 3
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 1998
Tamara Hightower, BSN, RN, is the Clinical Nurse Manager for Level 3. Tamara has held many leadership positions while at McLaren including Clinical Manager of Endoscopy, Surgical Admissions and Interventional Radiology, as well as Clinical Supervisor for 2 North and Level 3.
I take great pride in knowing my patients are truly cared for holistically, by a top notch compassionate health care team that care for this extremely difficult patient population.
"My managerial style is best summed up as nurturing and supportive. I have an open door policy and interact with my staff daily. I empathize with their individual challenges and concerns while encouraging their growth as superlative colleagues within this organization."


Patricia Dalliare
Patricia Dalliare
Infection Prevention
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 2008
I have been at working as an Infection Prevention Nurse for since 2001. I have maintained Board Certification in Infection Prevention and Control and Epidemiology since 2005. I am active in both the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Michigan Society for Infection Prevention. Networking with others in my field and mentoring new Infection Preventionist is part of our professional standards. We all share our knowledge, policies and experiences because no Infection Prevention Nurse has “Seen it All”.
I received my Associates in Nursing in 1996 and finished the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing program from University of Michigan Flint in 2012.
Infection Prevention is at the heart of all we do in health care and the very basis of safety and quality. Most healthcare acquired infections are preventable and it my role to assist colleagues in collaboration to attain zero health care acquired infections using evidence based practices and the latest research and literature.
When I am not working I enjoy riding dirt bikes, visiting with my grandson, horses, and camping.


Toni Moriarty-Smith
Toni Moriarty-Smith
Director of Professional Nurse Practice
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 1983
A Registered Nurse with 25-years experience, eight years as a direct-care nurse in pediatrics, and 18 years in nursing leadership, Toni has a passion for nursing and the integration of theory and evidence-based practice at the point of care. She also believes that both quality and caring are essential components of nursing that can only be achieved through effective partnering with both colleagues and patients.

Toni is very excited about her role as Magnet®/CPM Coordinator, as it provides her with the opportunity to interact with nurses at all levels and to support professional and clinical practice. Through the coordination of the Northern Michigan Regional Hospital Magnet Journey and the revitalization of the Clinical Practice Model, Toni collaborates with all members of the health care team to support ongoing professional growth, nursing research, evidence-based practice, and nursing autonomy. Toni promotes the "structure-process-outcome" model of quality improvement and the development of effective relationships. She believes that knowing the story and individualizing the care is the cornerstone to clinical excellence. She also believes that intentional and effective partnerships are necessary to achieve high quality outcomes regardless if it is in the boardroom or at the bedside.

Toni's goal for ANCC Magnet® Accreditation in 2010 reflected a cultural transformation. Magnet status is a prestigious designation that illustrates the organization's commitment to the components of Magnet: transformational leadership, structural empowerment, exemplary professional practice, new knowledge, and empirical outcomes.

Donna Rudy
Donna Rudy
Directory of Surgical Services
Donna Rudy is the Director of Surgical Services at McLaren Northern Michigan. Prior to joining McLaren Northern Michigan, Donna served as Director of Perioperative Departments at Providence Medford Medical Center in Oregon and Metro Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her career roles have included staff nurse, clinical specialist in the cardiovascular and neurology areas, surgical educator, manager of surgical short stay and PACU.

Donna has a Master of Science in Natural Health with an emphasis on "Caring for the Care Givers."
Michelle Rushing
Michelle Rushing
Clinical Supervisor
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 1996
Kathi St Pierre
Kathi St Pierre
Clinical Nurse Manager
Progressive Pool, IV Therapy, Staffing Supervision, Transport
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 1988
At McLaren Northern Michigan since 1988, Kathi has worked in a variety of nursing roles in various departments including Oncology, ICU, House Supervisor, and Emergency Department Clinical Nurse Manager. She is currently the liaison with Gift of Life Michigan. "I am passionate about organ and tissue donation," she expresses.

Kathi received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Spring Arbor University in 2014 and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Nursing through Walden University.

A resident of northern Michigan since the early 1980s, she explains "I am very lucky that my seven grandchildren are being raised in our beautiful north country." When not working or studying, Kathi enjoys the outdoor activities that the area has to offer: boating, gardening, biking, and hiking. "I couldn't imagine living or working anywhere else."
Linda Schofield
Linda Schofield
Nursing Research Coordinator
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 2005
As Nursing Research Coordinator at McLaren Northern Michigan, Linda Schofield's primary focus is the coordination of nursing research activities, directed toward promoting the application of evidence-based practice research findings and guiding research proposals/studies of professional nursing staff to enhance professional nursing practice. "I am recognized for my outstanding interpersonal skills, building trust based teams, and inspiring collaboration and creativity," Linda explains.

Linda began her nursing career with an Associates Degree in Nursing from North Central Michigan College in 1975. Graduating Magna Cum Laud with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Michigan in 1979 was followed by a Masters of Science in Nursing from Wayne State University in 1988. "A quest for knowledge and continuing education, I received my PhD in Philosophy of Nursing in 2000 from Wayne State University," she adds.

When not working on research and enhancing nursing education, Linda enjoys quilting.
Rochelle Whitmore
Rochelle Whitmore
Director of Rehabilitation and Renal Services
Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation and Dialysis
At McLaren Northern Michigan Since 2004
The role of Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation and Dialysis Nurse Manager requires dedication and collaboration. Rochelle Whitmore shows a passionate work ethic, balancing the tasks of nursing with intense collaboration and debate amongst the other skilled clinicians to advocate for patients. "You see recovery occur in rehab, where people get better and learn to be independent again," she expresses.

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation performance is measured by frequent review of data available through UDS-MR that collects patient outcome information, comparing program effectiveness quality measures to nation data. For example, FIM gain is the difference between the admission and discharge FIM scores. The admission FIM score estimates the severity of disability at the beginning of rehabilitation, and the discharge FIM estimates the severity of disability at completion of rehabilitation. The change from admission to discharge is a measure of rehabilitation effectiveness. McLaren Northern Michigan Acute Rehabilitation FIM gain as of 7/15 is 25, compared to the nation of 24.85. "I am proud to be a part of helping patients progress and gain independence," she adds.