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Vital Care
A Peaceful and Dignified Environment
Hospice House is a place for care and comfort, a place tailored to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each patient. In this homelike setting, patients are active participants in their own care, making choices about meals, leisure time activities, and other decisions that create a true sense of autonomy for each patient.

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When the patient is ready to make end-of-life decisions, a consultation with the referring physician will help define the choices. Patients and families may tour House House and privately meet with caring, professional colleagues to determine the best course of action.

Hospice services are divided into two components: patient care and room/board. Medicare, Medicaid, and many insurance plans cover patient care. Room and board are billed separately and are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance. VitalCare will bill the insurance company for Hospice care, while patients will receive a separate invoice for room and board.

Hospice colleagues are very knowledgeable in finding alternative resources for patients who are in need. A Hospice specialist will conduct and review a financial assessment to determine how patients can best be served by VitalCare Hospice.

When you need Hospice House
A client may choose to enter Hospice House when there has been a life-threatening illness with a physician-documented prognosis of months, rather than years. The patient must understand that palliative (comfort) care will be provided, but that there is no cure. The patient can rely on a trusted physician to approve the hospice referral.

Hospice House is a comforting alternative for those who live alone, or for those whose family members must work outside of the home.

hospice house cheboygan lobby

A Philosophy of Caring
Life need not be diminished the moment a terminal prognosis is made. While the transition can be a difficult one, Hospice colleagues are fully prepared to help patients, family members, and loved ones make plans to maximize the value of each and every day.

At Hospice House, a caring team of physicians and nurses, social workers and clergy, physical and occupational therapists, dieticians and pharmacists, plus highlyskilled and dedicated volunteers work tirelessly -- around the clock if necessary -- to ensure the comfort and safety of all patients.

Colleagues of Hospice House neither postpone nor hasten death, but seek to travel with all who make this universal journey.

Live in Peace and Comfort
Hospice House offers eight large, well-appointed rooms, as comfortable as a quality motel, but as safe and secure as a hospital.
  • TV, phone, and Internet connectivity
  • In-room hospital bath
  • Full-time medical staff
  • Public rooms for family visits and activities
  • Quiet areas for meditation
  • Dietician-planned meals
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761 Lafayette Ave
Cheboygan, MI
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