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Vital Care
Hospice of the Straits, a program of VitalCare, is a nonprofit, Medicare-certified, Blue Cross-approved, and CHAP*-accredited (Community Health Accreditation Program) provider of home healthcare programs and services. VitalCare is affiliated with McLaren Northern Michigan, serving northern Michigan and the eastern Upper Peninsula.

Hospice of the Straits is a far-reaching organization that serves the bereaved through counseling, education, and support. Hospice anticipates the emotional needs of the community, and then addresses them through a dedicated staff of licensed professionals and carefully trained volunteers. Hospice of the Straits is here for those who grieve.

Bereavement Care: For Those Left Behind
Hospice responsibilities do not end with the death of the patient. Grieving is a process that takes both time and care, and its effects vary for those who experience it. To guide the process, Hospice of the Straits supports the bereaved for a full year and beyond through mailings, group sessions, and individual counseling.

Support Groups: Help When it is Needed
Thoughtfully guided small-group sessions allow family and caregivers to share their experiences with others. The safe environment promotes coping skills and facilitates talk therapies through shared experiences.

Personal Grief Counseling: Talking Works
On-staff professionals conduct therapeutic sessions for individuals. Up to three appointments can be arranged at no cost to the participant.

Hospice Library: Learning about Bereavement
Materials on bereavement, grief, and loss are available for all ages. Books and periodicals, CDs and videos, plus children's resources are valuable tools for family and loved ones. Schools, youth groups, and others are encouraged to use the library resources for their own presentations or bereavement programs.
volunteers reach out to the bereaved

The Special Touch: Volunteers Reach Out to the Bereaved in a Special Way
Hospice of the Straits Teddy Bear program is an especially thoughtful way to remember a loved one. Hand-crafted bears fashioned from the patient's clothing gives family and caregivers a very personal remembrance of their loved one. Bears are a touching physical reminder that can be held and cherished for years to come. To date, the Teddy Bear volunteers have already created over 350 bears, free of charge, for Hospice families.

Hospice House: A Peaceful and Dignified Environment
Hospice House is a place for care and comfort, a place tailored to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each patient. In this homelike setting, patients are active participants in their own care, making choices about meals, leisure time activities, and other decisions that create a true sense of autonomy for each patient.

Hospice of the Straits
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