Emergency Services

Emergency Department physicians, nurses, technicians and support staff provide around-the-clock coverage and urgent treatment. Our dedicated team is prepared to care for both minor and severe injuries and illnesses as quickly as possible.

Emergency Services at McLaren Oakland

Door-to-Doc in 30 minutes

Whether it's a sudden severe illness or an unexpected injury, every second counts in an emergency. At McLaren Oakland's emergency department, the team has put processes in place to help us provide the highest quality clinical care, as quickly as possible.

McLaren Oakland's emergency physicians and staff are committed to swift, high quality care. The team works to initiate treatment quickly, moving patients out of the waiting area and into the treatment area within minutes of arrival. At McLaren Oakland, most patients are seen by a physician within 18 minutes of arrival in the ER.

And because McLaren Oakland is a verified trauma center, patients can be assured of high quality trauma care within minutes of arrival, as outlined in the trauma standards established by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma.