As this situation continues to evolve, generous and concerned individuals are asking how they can help. This fund will ensure that McLaren Bay Region is equipped with the resources and flexibility required to meet the critical and emerging needs of our hospital, our caregivers and our patients in times of crisis. All gifts designated for this fund will be used to support the needs of the local communities served by McLaren Bay Region.

McLaren Bay Region Emergency Response Fund

Donate to McLaren Bay Region Emergency Response Fund

As the extraordinary health care crisis closes doors in our community and around the globe, our doors remain open as always. Every day, our staff arrive at McLaren Bay Region with one intention – to care for patients. Your support of this fund enables us to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients and our community during this unprecedented time.

Health and safety are the foundation of our work. Your gift will allow us to access and quickly deploy resources, including equipment, supplies, and education to meet urgent and emerging needs that best serve our patients in times of crisis. Thousands of extra face masks, eye shields and gowns will be needed, as well as special equipment such as ventilators. Your donation will make a big difference.