McLaren Bay Medical Foundation
Donor Recognition

Donor Recognition

McLaren Bay Medical Foundation raises funds and supports McLaren Bay Region and McLaren Bay Special Care in its mission of improving the health of the communities it serves.

As the year ends and we reflect back on all the things we're grateful for, this is a perfect time of year to express our gratitude and to give a sincere "Thank You" to our donors throughout the community. Perhaps you attended or sponsored an event, sent in a memorial for a loved one, contributed to the Employee Fund Drive or made a donation to the Helen M. Nickless Volunteer Clinic! There are so many phenomenal efforts that McLaren Bay Medical Foundation supports in our community.

Over the course of the past year, McLaren Bay Medical Foundation has been able to grant funds for a wide array of healthcare needs including the following:

  • Helen M. Nickless Volunteer Clinic
  • McLaren Bay Region
  • McLaren Bay Special Care Hospital
  • Continued granting AEDs throughout the community. Over 90 AEDs have now been granted in the Great Lakes Bay Region.
  • Continued raising funds for construction efforts of the Cancer Center on McLaren Bay Region's West Campus.
  • Provided grants for continuing education for McLaren Bay Region Physicians, Nurses and health care professionals.

Every dollar raised by the McLaren Bay Medical Foundation is invested in improving health care for our local community. Only with your incredible generosity and support have we been able to accomplish so much this past year!

From the bottom of hearts, thank you for your generosity and support of McLaren Bay Medical Foundation!