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Charitable giving is a uniquely personal statement. It can be your way of showing what you consider to be important in the world.

Donations may include cash, securities, real estate, and insurance policies and may be designated for a specific use within the hospital or health care system. A deferred gift, such as a bequest or charitable trust, can also be an important part of your estate plan.

No matter how you choose to give to the Foundation, your contribution is a perfect way to make a lasting contribution to your "community of friends."

Each method of gifting offers possible tax benefits to the donor. Benefits may include the following:

  • charitable gift tax deductions
  • tax-free income
  • a full or partial bypass of capital gains
  • taxes on appreciated property
  • possible reduction of estate taxes

Our Director will be happy to provide you and your financial adviser with more information about the potential tax benefits of giving.

McLaren Bay Medical Foundation is grateful for all its donors.  Every gift to McLaren Bay Medical Foundation is recognized in our annual publication. Gifts are recognized on the Wall of Honor prominently displayed in the hospital's main lobby. Whenever possible, contributions are further honored by plaques on equipment, patient rooms or other patient care areas. 

With so many avenues of giving available, you can design a bequest or gift that accomplishes both your charitable and personal goals. Here are just a few ideas on how you can make a gift and discover the benefits of giving:

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