legacy trust

A Legacy is an inheritance. It is a gift from a predecessor or from the past, in truth we all have received many "legacies" from those who preceded us.

McLaren Bay Medical Foundation has created a "Legacy Society" to recognize and honor those who have the vision and foresight not only to be concerned about those who follow, but also who have taken the action to do something. These gifts of the future, and for the future, are selfless expressions intended to care for people the donor may never meet.

By providing gifts from our estates, either today or tomorrow, we are assuring future generations a high standard of care.

Members of the Legacy Society are those who notify McLaren Bay Medical Foundation that they have:

  • Remembered the Foundation through a bequest in their will
  • Included the Foundation in a revocable trust
  • Established a Charitable Trust naming the Foundation as beneficiary
  • Named the Foundation as owner/beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Are supporting future programs of McLaren Bay Region through a charitable gift annuity

Members of the Legacy Society will have their names listed on the donor wall at McLaren Bay Region main campus.

Unless specifically designated all donations from legacy gifts will be placed in the Foundation's endowment fund with the principal professionally managed into perpetuity. A portion of the annual earnings will be used to encourage wellness, prevent sickness, diagnose illness, heal the infirm, encourage the depressed and comfort the dying.

Unfortunately, we will always exceed traditional resources, but gifts from the Legacy Society can assure that the most important voids are filled.

The Legacy Society was founded to thank members for their generosity and care on behalf of the patients and family members who benefit from their acts of kindness.

Concern for others expressed through a gift to the Legacy Society is a true mark of stewardship. It insures that the material assets we have been blessed with during our lifetime are shared with others in a planned and purposeful way after we have departed.

If you have questions about our Legacy Society feel free to contact us at 895-4725.

We thank you for your support.