Campaign Progress

Employee Fund Drive
Quality Patient Care for our
Friends, Family
& Community!

Every year, we launch an internal campaign specifically for McLaren Bay employees called the Employee FUNd Drive. This campaign provides our employees an opportunity to donate to the Foundation. 

Employees can direct their contribution to the grant fund for employees to submit grants for their department or can donate to the annual campaign focus which is Behavioral Health. 

Since 1985, employees have contributed over $2.2 million with every penny, nickel, dime and dollar staying here in our community.  

Over the past few years, this process has benefited many patients and has given employees the convenience of readily available equipment at their fingertips when needed. 

Listed below are just a few items that have been granted through the granting process and from other fund categories, over the last few years, to improve the patient experience within the walls of McLaren Bay Region and McLaren Bay Special Care:

  • Lincoln Center Remodel
    Rickshaw Machine
    20 Steelcase Chairs
    2 Datascopes
    Sara Plus with Scale
    8 Video Cameras/Split Video Surveillance Monitors/DVR
    92 Whiteboards for Patient Rooms
    25 Impact Resistant Bathroom Scales
    2 Arjo Celing Lifts
    6 Recliners
    Gerry Chai
    Waterproof Shower Cards & Nail Files
    Training & Certification for STAR Oncology Rehab Program
    12 Staxi Transport Chairs w/ Cushions
    20 CISCO Phones, cases & chargers
    4 Stryker Patient Carts w/ accessories
    Double Pumping & Conversion Kits
    Stryker/Hoverjack Patient Handling System
    Treadmill with Handrails
    8 Office/Desk Chairs
    2 Apple iPod Touches
  • Case Management Pharmacy Fund
    Ophthalmology Slit Examination Lamp
    Physio-Control Life Pak
    Therapy Improvement Games
    Heart & Stroke Educational Materials
    500 Bike Helmets
    Probe Disinfector
    Laptop and Projector
    Library Clinical Key
    175 Cardigan Smocks
    Cessation Facilitator Training
    Yellow Fin Stirups
    6 Nurses Station Chairs
    5 Bedside Stands
    15 Bedside Tables
    4 Automatic External Defibrillators
    3 Glucometers
    6 Computer Tablets
    50 IV Poles
    Educational Material & Displays
    LifeDrop 300 ABI
    Accu-Check Testing, Batteries, First Aid Items
    10 Hazwoper Operations Training Sessions

  • ~ When you donate to the Foundation, your gifts are at work in our Community ~
    In addition, McLaren Bay Medical Foundation continues to support the Helen N. Nickless
    Volunteer Clinic and numerous medical and health needs in our community.