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Whether you're a licensed EMS professional looking to sharpen your skills, interested in a career in the world of emergency medical services, or are looking to provide CPR and First Aid training for your group, McLaren has something for you.

McLaren's EMS education department strives to keep our staff up to date on the most recent developments in emergency care. The department also conducts EMR, EMT and paramedic programs, CPR, pre-hospital trauma life support, advanced cardiac life support, advanced stroke life support, community education, and a wide variety of other courses available to the public. The days of an ambulance arriving only to provide a fast ride to the hospital are long gone. McLaren EMS crews bring years of training, decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology, and the full resources of one of the nation's premier healthcare systems directly to the patient.

Regional EMS takes an active role in the community, providing emergency and general transfer ambulance transportation services and education to health care facilities, municipalities and the general public.

Tips When Calling EMS

When to Call?

  • If someone is seriously ill or injured and needs medical care right away.
  • If someone faints or collapses, has chest pain, has difficulty breathing, or major bleeding.
  • Don't move an injured person unless their location places them in immediate danger.
  • If you are not sure about calling, CALL!

How to Call EMS

  • In most areas of Michigan, simply dial 911.
  • From a cellular phone in Michigan, dial 911.
  • When calling, know your location.
  • Stay calm, speak clearly, and provide the person you talk to information about the location of the emergency, what happened, how many people are injured or ill, and your name and the phone number from where you are calling.
  • Follow instructions and do not hang up until told to do so.

EMS at McLaren Bay Region

McLaren Bay Region EMS covers 444 square miles of Bay County with an average response time of around 4 minutes, which is twice as fast as the national average. With over 40 years of continuous service and new state of the art lift systems, our commitment to the patients we serve will not waiver. That's our promise.

As the weather, crowds, traffic, and 911 calls build up, McLaren Bay Region EMS dispatchers strategically adjust the locations of ambulances and personnel to ensure the fastest response times possible.

What about those days when the population of Bay County swells from around 108,000 to nearly 400,000, such as during the Fireworks Festival? McLaren Bay Region EMS has more than prepared for population increases. From extra ambulances, mobile command centers, mountain bikes, and specialized off-road vehicles, paramedics are never more than a few minutes away regardless of crowds, traffic, weather, or terrain.


Central Dispatch (Ambulance, Fire, Police) 9-1-1
Helen M. Nickless Volunteer Clinic (989) 895-4830
McLaren Bay Region Medical Center Emergency Department (989) 894-3111
Poison Control 1-800-764-7661

Crisis Intervention Centers

Bay County Womens Center (989) 686-4551
Saginaw (989) 792-9732
Midland (989) 631-4450
Family Independence Agency Childrens Services (989) 894-6265
Adult Services (989) 894-6290 After hours, weekends, holidays 1-800-322-4822
Inpatient Mental Health Services - (989) 894-3911
Bay Arenac Behavioral Health Services (989) 895-2300


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