Family Medicine Residency Program

McLaren Bay Region Family Medicine Residency Program

We are the McLaren Bay Region Family Medicine Residency Program. We are an unopposed, single residency program at McLaren Bay Region. We offer a three year Family Medicine residency program that leads to Board Certification in Family Medicine and OMT. We have a 100% Board Certification pass rate since the inception of the residency program. We offer a four resident per year program. We accept applications through ERAS. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GME Department.

doctor with patient

Program Statement Goals and Objectives

  • To train and prepare Family Medicine residents for all roles, such as academic medicine physician, hospitalist, urgent care physician, emergency physician, sports medicine physician, hospice/palliative care medicine, and outpatient medicine.
  • To apply the principles of the Osteopathic concept and to demonstrate their approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients.
  • To participate in the care of the patient from admission to discharge.
  • Under supervision of the attending physician, interns/residents are given increasing responsibility, commensurate with their demonstrated ability, to aid them in acquiring confidence in their clinical judgment.
  • To encourage research and work to develop unique educational opportunities for residents with special interest in fields of community medicine or osteopathic manipulation.
  • To heal with compassion and to perform with distinction.
  • To provide a broad range of cognitive and procedural skills for the intern and resident physicians.
  • To develop physicians who will further the integrity of the Osteopathic profession, and be qualified to become future teachers of the profession.
  • To provide advanced post-doctoral study and training in Osteopathic Family Practice so that interns/residents become competent and confident in the practice of ambulatory and hospital family practice. Each resident’s program will be individually planned.
  • To develop community-oriented primary care family physicians capable of practicing family medicine, with a full complement of diagnostic and procedural skills necessary to treat patients effectively  in an evolving managed care environment. Both the family practice physicians and various sub-specialists teach procedural skills necessary for today’s family practitioner in this setting.
  • To maintain the current concept where in at least 95% of our training experiences are created 1:1, one student per trainer or, one intern per trainer or, one resident per trainer
  • Emphasis is always on education and not on "getting the work done"