McLaren Bay Region Family Medicine Residency Program

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Graduate Medical Education


McLaren Bay Region front lobby
McLaren Bay Region is a JCAHO accredited state-of-the-art full-service hospital which offers an AOA-approved, unopposed Family Medicine residency program (single residency program). We offer open heart surgery (off pump and pump), lithotripsy, MRI, a 64 slice and 16 slice CT, nuclear medicine with coincidence imaging, PET/CT, mega-voltage radiation therapy, Women's Health Pavilion, 23,000 square foot outpatient rehabilitation facility, full line of surgical subspecialties. The West Side Medical Mall opened in November 2006, which contains a 16 slice CT and MRI, ultra sound, diagnostic radiology, lab, pharmacy and physicians' offices.


A new patient services tower opened in September of 2007 and includes the following patient care enhancements

  • 12-suite Family BirthPlace
  • 10-room Women's Health Unit
  • Increased PACU area phase 1 & 2
  • Dedicated cardiac cath patient areas
  • One new cardiac cath lab
  • 4 new surgery suites
  • Critical care beds increased from 22 to 40
  • New emergency department of 35 single patient beds.
gme graduation
2017 GME Graduation

Urban, suburban and rural rotations are offered. Interns/Residents will be exposed to advanced clinical, psychosocial, and personal communication skills necessary to treat the patient within the context of the family. The program strives to meet the strengths and special interests of the Interns, Residents and Medical Students. A comprehensive scope of services, coupled with a large patient base with diverse pathology and health needs, offers challenging opportunities for training.  McLaren Bay Region is a founding member of the Statewide Campus System of MSUCOM and offers an extensive range of medical student and postgraduate training experiences. The program works closely with McLaren Bay Region to provide both community hospital and academic medical center experiences to its medical students, interns and residents. Our hospital also offers competitive salaries.

Affiliations with Medical Schools

  • Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine 

We draw our patients from an 85- mile radius of Bay City. 

gme graduation
2016 GME Graduation

Allopathic and Osteopathic staff are committed to a high quality Family Practice Intern and Residency Program. McLaren Bay Region, because of its large menu of clinical services, offer McLaren Bay Region Medical Center offers medical students a comprehensive spectrum of clinical rotations. Interns and residents are exposed to teaching from board certified specialists and sub-specialists. Over 135 physicians participate in the program as faculty. 

Physicians on Staff: Active, Probationary, Consulting - 1/1/2016
Active 130 M.D. 266
Provisional 46 D.O. 58
Affiliate 30 D.D.S. 4
Consulting 54 D.P.M. 10
Honorary 47  D.M.D. 2
Emeritus 13   340 
LOA 9    
329 Board Certified Physician Specialists 196
Allied Health 89

Hospital Stats:  2016

Licensed Beds: 399
Average occupancy:  70.2%

Yearly Visits:  2016

Emergency Department: 45,708
Inpatient Discharges:  14,979
Outpatient visits (all sites): 312,755
Surgeries: 10,401
OB/Deliveries: 842