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Patient Stories & Testimonials - McLaren Bay Region

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Patient Turns Heart Health Around at Cardiac Rehab

John considers himself fortunate. Three of his heart’s arteries were 95% occluded (closed). He was able to avoid open heart surgery with a stent in each artery. He did a lot of thinking the 10 days he was in the hospital. If he continued on his present path, his heart was not going to be very happy, and he could die. If he slowly started changing his lifestyle, the depression he was experiencing might lift, and he could minimize the risk of another heart event.

Pain Center Satisfied Clients

It’s like lightening was stabbing me in the back and radiating down my legs. Of course, my job requires lifting boxes all day...

Richmond woman enters emergency paralyzed, leaves walking

When Margo Holley woke up early one morning in July, she knew something was wrong. She felt an odd sensation on her left side. By the time she reached the bathroom, her left side was paralyzed.

“McLaren Bay Region Changed My Life.” - Greg Buonodono

Gregory J. Buonodono of Midland, MI, has heart failure. His quality of life had diminished and he was spending one week out of every month in the hospital.

“McLaren Bay Region Saved My Life.” - Mrs. Lisa Berra, Bay City

A ruptured AAA normally has a greater than 70% mortality rate. When Lisa arrived at McLaren Bay Region’s Emergency Department, she was in shock and dying…

"McLaren Bay Region Is Saving My Life" - Brenda Mlasko

Brenda lives with the knowledge that her mother, sister and brother have all had brain aneursyms. Brenda herself has had two occurrences.

“Stroke of luck” brings Davison man to McLaren Stroke Network

“A stroke of luck” may be an odd way to describe a medical stroke, but in Gerald Coleman’s case, it fits. He was “lucky” enough to be at a fitness center with medical personnel on hand when he suffered an acute stroke on March 7, 2016.

James’ Story – Using Telemedicine to Diagnose and Treat Stroke

James Wolf was an active and independent 86 year old. He drove his own car, went grocery shopping, paid the bills, helped his wife with the household chores, and was active in his local church.

Patient kept awake and talking during neurosurgery at McLaren Bay Region

McLaren Bay Region’s neurosurgery team on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 completed an awake craniotomy procedure, the first of its kind at the hospital.

Sneaky Symptoms

When it comes to neurological disorders, symptoms that may seem minor can often foreshadow a larger problem