Volunteer Message from the Auxiliary President

McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary
Subject: Volunteering

From: Michele Sabourin
McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary, President

The McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary's major goal is to raise funds for McLaren Bay Region. We do so by volunteering at lobby sales, the Charity Ball, popcorn sales, the Gift Shop and other fund raising events. All funds raised go to improve and update McLaren Bay Region. Volunteering your skill and talent is a great and enriching experience. Joining the McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary is a win/win for you and for the hospital.

Volunteer Benefits:

  1. Support your local hospital, a cause you believe in
  2. Apply your skills and gain new ones
  3. Meet new people, make new friends
  4. Make a difference in our community
McLaren Bay Region Auxiliary

Volunteering offers:

  1. A way to express yourself
  2. A feeling of accomplishment
  3. A way to apply your skills and talents

Volunteering you talent by joining the Auxiliary is available to you. If you would like to join our Auxiliary, please contact me at (989) 439-4209 or email (msabourin@cuplus.net )

Best Regards,

Michele Sabourin, President