Visiting Hours


Having family members and friends visit in the hospital is important to the patient’s continuing recovery.  Clergy may visit at any time the patient wishes.

  • Visitors shall consult with a nurse prior to bringing in any type of food, beverage or medication.
  • Visitors shall observe NO SMOKING regulations.  Visitors are not permitted to smoke on hospital property.
  • Visitors shall be requested to maintain the common courtesy of not more than two visitors per patient at one time.  Special circumstances will be considered.
  • Visitors shall be requested to leave the patient’s room when a physician or other member of the hospital staff arrives which allows the patient to have privacy and efficiency of care.  Immediate family may stay in the room if requested by patient or physician.

    No visitors shall be allowed to enter the hospital during any code.  The exception is a full arrest/Code Blue.  During sudden and severe weather conditions, such as tornadoes or heavy electrical storms, visitors may be allowed to seek protection in the Family Room, main entrance waiting room or cafeteria.

  • Guidelines may vary, but each is established in the best interest of the patient.  Children are permitted with proper adult supervision but are not to be left unattended.
  • McLaren Bay Special Care’s regular visiting hours are 8:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Children/Siblings under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult to visit a patient in the patient’s room.
  • Some visitors will elect to stay “around the clock” with extremely ill patients.  Nursing Supervision should be notified.  Only one to two visitors may spend the night.  Families are encouraged to set up a schedule for twenty-four (24) hour visiting of terminal patients to limit the number of members present at any one time and to encourage appropriate rest for them.