Employees of the Month

Meet Our Employees of the Month

March, 2019

Tammy Gugel

Informatics Specialist

Although she is pulled in many different directions on a daily basis, Tammy never complains or gets frustrated. She takes it in stride and is always willing to help out! She takes calls 24/7 from the physicians and helps them with orders and assessments, makes reports for leadership, and takes documentation issues back to the doctors. She helps the ED doctors not only with Healthland, but anything ED related, including going over the new employee packet with them.

The last few months, she has been going above and beyond, helping everyone with updates and issues. She will not hesitate to take on new tasks and always has the hospital and patients best interests in mind.

February, 2019

Karen Dasho


Karen has been an employee here for many years and is always willing to stop whatever she is doing to assist others. She does her best to make our hospital clean and tidy. She greets patients and helps direct them where they need to go. Karen consistently checks with staff for good times to clean their area and also asks if anyone needs anything additional cleaned.

January, 2019

Yvonne Vandecar, RN, BSN,

Med/Surg Coordinator

Yvonne is very dedicated to McLaren Caro Region. She goes above and beyond for patients to make sure all their needs are met. If there is a problem, she will keep pushing until a solution is found. All of her co-workers have great respect for her and come to her with questions because they know she will drop everything to help them out. Her employees, especially, trust and confide in her because they know she always has their backs and will do whatever she can to work things out. She takes her job seriously but also shows compassion for her patients and staff.

December, 2018

Allyson Joyce, MSA, PHR, SHRM-CP

Vice President of Human Resources

Allyson is a highly respected employee of MCR. She is a very fair person, taking the time to listen to anyone who has comments, complaints and compliments. Allyson is passionate about her work, always going the extra mile. She works closely with all employees of MCR and is always looking for the best fit in any department. Allyson always has a smile on her face and greets patients and visitors in our hallways with a “hello”. She is always available, regularly taking calls and handling issues no matter the time or day of the week. Allyson never stops going above and beyond for her hospital family and truly believes in the city she grew up in. She’s always working to make MCR a better place to call our work home.

November, 2018

Stephanie Lovejoy


Stephanie is a great addition to McLaren Caro Region! She greets everyone with a smile and always asks if there is anything else that she can do for them. I have witnessed her on many occasions helping patients with a variety of tasks. She is pleasant and is very respectful on the phone. When first impressions are everything, she is the first impression we want everyone to see at our hospital!

October, 2018

Marietta Licudine

Lab Coordinator

"Marietta is a behind the scenes team player. She ALWAYS helps in any way she can however, whenever, and whatever it may be. You can count on her to help on the front line drawing patients, work the bench when ER is busy, cover gaps in our schedule due to call-ins or vacations, and ensure that all test results are faxed to the appropriate location. She performs many other tasks that are critical for our daily operations that we often take for granted. She is a very valued part of our department! Thank you for your many years of dedication!"

Doug Barth

September, 2018

Doug Barth

Medical Technologist

“Doug is always willing to help another department when needed. It is nice having him around because he is so dependable! He is a hard worker and makes sure all of his tasks are always finished. Doug is always extremely prompt and has great attendance. He is willing to trade shifts with fellow employees when requested and works various shifts, takes call or picks up extra hours when others are off. Doug maintains a positive attitude and is a great team player!”

Lara McDonald

August, 2018

Lara McDonald, Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

“It has been a pleasure to get to know Lara as a person and a co-worker. Although she hasn’t been here a long time, she has made a huge impact. It is great to have such a good group of nurses that are strong in their skills. She is always friendly to both co-workers and patients. She is never afraid to step in and help whenever it is needed. It feels to good to have people like her working around you and is nice to see such a good group of people working at McLaren Caro Region! Thank you Lara for all that you do!”

Mindy Jansen

July, 2018

Mindy Jansen

Medical Lab Technician

“Mindy has been with the hospital for almost 11 years and she has maintained “near perfect” attendance each of those years. When we were recently short-staffed, she jumped in and rearranged her personal schedule and worked night shift for a few weeks to ensure our lab had coverage. She works independently and accomplishes multiple tasks without much assistance. She interacts well with the other department staff, ER physicians, and patients as well. She’s a very reliable employee in good times and bad!”

Marcie Fox

June, 2018

Macie Fox

Patient Registration Clerk

“Macie is a new addition to our team but she has made a HUGE impact in the short time she has been with us. She is ALWAYS smiling and AMAZING with patients. She is always willing to step in to help when needed, even when it means going above and beyond her job. She seems to form bonds with her patients even when they are only in front of her for a short period of time. I am VERY thankful that she decided to make MCR her place of employment because I know personally, my days are better when she is here!”

Sally LaPratt

May, 2018

Sally LaPratt

Supply Chain Coordinator

“Sally is dedicated to improving the processes we have here. She works hard to make sure we are capturing charges for equipment and supplies and it show that she cares about the hospital. Her experience and her knowledge is extremely valuable to several people here at the hospital. Thank you for all that you do!”

Kristin Hedley

April, 2018

Kristin Hedley

Accountant III

“Kristin is SOOOO amazing to work with. She is a breath of fresh air and is always pleasant to deal with. Although we have all had a lot of questions for her lately, she always helps out and finds the answers. You can tell she loves her job and wants to be here! I don’t know how many times we have gone to her with questions where she might not even be the right person but still works to find the answer. Our team is stronger now that she is a part of it! Thank you!”

Wendy Werner

March, 2018

Wendy Werner

BSN, Registered Nurse

“When you think about someone who stands out and should be recognized, you think of Wendy. Wendy is a newer nurse but is always willing to learn and listen. She is really good with patients and understanding their needs. I do not believe I have ever seen her without a smile on her face. She doesn’t even have to know you but will always smile and say hello. Sometimes night employees do not get the recognition they need but they are truly instrumental in making McLaren Caro Region a success in our community! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Wendy for all that you do!”

Jessica Murray

February, 2018

Jessica Murray

Medical Lab Tech

“Jessica is great!!!! She has a positive attitude and is a great co-worker! She has stepped up and picked up a ton of additional shifts along with many others and we are thankful to have employees like this. I look forward to coming to work and seeing her as part of our family! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for all that do!”

Trisha Olson

January, 2018

Trisha Olson

Registered Nurse

“Trisha has not been with us for a very long time but she has made a long-standing impact. Her positive attitude and compassion for her patients makes us all want to strive to be like her. There is no doubt that she picked a career that she was made for. It is nice to walk in and see that she has been working because I know I am coming into a positive atmosphere. Trisha, we are so glad that you joined our team!”

Lacey Smith

December, 2017

Lacey Smith


“Lacey is a pleasure to work with and be around! She always comes into work with a smile on her face which always makes the day go by faster! She is great with patients and very uplifting to be around. A positive attitude in the workplace can go a long way! Thank you for making our work environment a place we look forward to coming to! You very much deserve this award!”

Grace Kamrad

November, 2017

Grace Kamrad

Data Processing Clerk

“Grace has been a model employee. Her attendance records have been exceptional and she brings a positive attitude to the office everyday. She always does what she is asked (and more) and never complains! Thank you so much for being part of our CCH family!”

Robin Topham

October, 2017

Robin Topham

Assistant Radiology Coordinator

Robin is always willing to work wherever she is needed, whether it is doing mammograms or x-rays. She is amazing with patients and staff! She has longevity here and is one of those people that we know we can count on when she is needed.

Karen McBride

September, 2017

Karen McBride

Patient Registration Clerk

Karen always has a positive attitude and is pleasant to work with. She is very helpful to our patients, taking the time to ensure they are taken care of.