Hospital on Burnside

original Caro hospital

In July, 1926 Mrs. John Reno established the Caro City Hospital in a private home on East Frank Street.  Her efforts in caring for the sick brought praise from patients and physicians. However, the endeavor did not succeed financially.

Doctors R. L. Dixon and Charles N. Race, charter members of the Caro Rotary Club, brought the hospital’s plight to the attention of club members.  A committee consisting of Dr. R.L. Dixon, Mr. C.A. Klein and Mr. S. R. Park was appointed to make a study of the hospital and its potential for success.  Mr. E. J. Riley, President of the Caro Board of Commerce, also appointed a committee to work with the Rotary group.

The combined committees were unanimous in the opinion that Caro could not afford to lose its hospital, believing that the loss of the existing hospital would make it extremely difficult to organize another in subsequent years.

Ultimately, more than $28,000 was contributed by area residents to convert the Anna Black School on the corner of Burnside and Pearl Streets into a 20-bed hospital.  The new hospital opened for business on February 28, 1928 with the rates set as follows: single room was $6 per day, semi-private room (2 beds) was $5 per day and ward (4 beds) was $4 per day.

New Building on Hooper Street

May 7, 1963 – Caro Community Hospital opened their current building on Hooper Street.

1969 – Expanded with an addition.

1970 – New, 25 bed wing was constructed, boosting the hospital’s capacity to 56 beds.

1971 – Mrs. Rose Igler, R.N., retires after a 22-year tenure as hospital Administrator.  She continued as Director of Nursing.

March, 1971 – Andreas Heath, Chairman of the Search Committee of the Hospital board of Trustees, welcomes Howard Miller as Caro Community Hospital’s new Administrator.

Fall, 1972 – Caro native Robert Korte becomes Administrator of Caro Community Hospital.  During his first year, the Board of Commissioners of the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospitals approves the accreditation of Caro Community Hospital.

July 1, 1976 – Emerenciano Sarabia, M.D. opened a clinic inside CCH and attended to 1,115 patients in the first 6 months.

Summer, 1981 – The Caro Community Hospital Endowment Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, is established to solicit and receive private gifts for the benefit of the hospital.

December 31, 1982 – Mr. Robert Korte, Administrator, retires.

January 1, 1983 – James E. Richardson becomes CEO of Caro Community Hospital.

July, 1986 – James Richardson resigns as Administrator.  Sandra Furst is named interim Administrator.

November, 1986 – Obstetrical Services at Caro Community Hospital closes.

December, 1986 – The CCH Board, chaired by Sheila Everts, hires William “Pat” Miller as Administrator.

1994 – Voters approved converting the hospital to a Municipal Health Facility instead of being owned by the village.

April 2013 – President and CEO William “Pat” Miller retires and is replaced by Marc Augsburger.